Tarmac Coating

Tarmac Coating

Tarmaseal™ tarmac repair coating is a superior performance alternative to tarmac paint normally found in DIY stores. Tarmaseal™ is widely used across the UK and Ireland by Smartseal registered agents to coat domestic driveways and larger commercial tarmac surfaces such as car parks and tennis courts.

Tarmaseal™ will restore and rejuvenate existing tarmac surfaces by soaking into the surface and putting back any resins lost over time. A tarmac paint will only paint the surface and is generally seen as a temporary cosmetic solution. Tarmaseal™ can restore older looking tarmac or asphalt that has lost colour over time to look like new.

Before application the surface of the tarmac should be dry and clean. Any repairs to cracks or pot-holes in the tarmac should be carried out before applying the tarmac restorer. Tarmaseal tarmac restorer is currently supplied in 3 colours - Black, Red or Green and with other colurs available upon request.

Smartseal are stockists and suppliers of all kinds of repair coatings and alternatives to tarmac paint. We also sell all the materials required to repair potholes and cracks, with any job preparation is the key, and our tarmac oil remover and products to remove moss and algae will help acheive the best results possible.

All aspects of tarmac and asphalt restoration only require basic diy skills and during a normal year the work can be carried out between mid March -mid October. Smartseal offer free expert advice to all contractors on how to use the products and help with working out amount of materials required and costs.

Application of the tarmac coating will soak lost resins back into the tarmac and help prevent further cracking and general deterioration. Also because the product is not  a tarmac paint, the texture of the surface will not be changed, so you are just left with a new looking tarmac and not a painted surface.

If you are not already a trade Smartseal customer please contact us to register, If you are a home owner/DIY customer contact us on 01268 722500