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Internal Sealer

Internal Sealer

Smartseal supply a range of superior grade internal sealers for protection to a wide range of porous substrates.

All internal sealers exhibit oil and water repellent properties whilst at the same time remaining moisture vapour permeable. This is a very beneficial when sealing any porous surface as any moisture trapped within the substrate can still escape.

Smartseal internal sealers are classified as impregnating sealers, which means instead of sitting on top of the surface like a 'topical' solvent based sealer, they fill all the microscopic voids in the substrate creating a very hardwearing surface. Smartseal internals sealers also have an lifespan of up to 10 years.

Suitable surfaces for application include - concrete, slate, brickwork, travertine, cement, limestone, sandstone and other forms of natural stone.