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By Elizabeth Hunter

Happy that I bought the cleaning fluid as it made the cleaning of my sprayer after using sealer very easy. Great that you pump back into can and reuse.

By Dale Abbiss

Great product, and you can reuse what more do you required :-)


very good product. Keeps the sprayer very clean.

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Cleaning Fluid to Flush Solvent Based Sealer Residue from Sprayers

(Available in 5 & 25 litre) - Flushes Solvent Based Sealer Residue From Sprayers, Rollers and Brushes. Can be recycled up to 30 times

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Product Description

Cleaning Fluid for Sprayers, Rollers and Brushes

When used in combination with sprayer units, pour fluid into sprayer and pump cleaner back through sprayer into tin and re-use.

You keep re-cycling the cleaning fluid; it can be used up to 30 times; after that point you would actually have a thin sealer because of the resins then present in the cleaning fluid.

Product FAQs

Q: Can I use white spirit to clean my sprayer, brushes and roller sleeves?


A: If you want to clean them, you will need to use the Smartseal Tools Cleaning Fluid. This will remove the existing resins on the material, allowing it to be clean for use again in the future.

Response from George

Q: Can I re-use the brushes or roller sleeves again after applying sealant to the surface?

James Murray

A: If you wish to use the sleeves or brushes again, simply leave them in sealer for 5 minutes, they will then soften and be ready to re-use.

Response from Ricky

Q: I recently bought your solvent based sprayer from you. What is the cleaning procedure for the sprayer after sealing the driveway?

Peter Stevens

A: For cleaning the sprayer if you have used a solvent sealer, you would need our Cleaning fluid to flush through the sprayer. This will melt the remnants of the sealer that s dried in your sprayer and can be sprayed straight back in to the can. This can be done up to 30 times, so it is being recycling around. If it is a solvent free product. You can just use warm water to wash out.

Response from George
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