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GVS 3600 Aluminium Poles

3600 watt Gutter Cleaning System with Aluminium Poles - GREAT PRICE!! - 80L Capacity, Powerful, Fast, Reliable & Easy to Use

£799.95(ex VAT)
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Product Description

3600 Watt Triple-Motor Design, 106 Lps Air Flow, Wet & Dry sucks Liquids And Solids From Gutters With Ease

  • Heavy Duty Full Steel Trolley
  • 80 Litre Capacity
  • Triple Motors 3600w
  • 106Lps Air Flow / 6360Lpm (factory standard prior to upgrade)
  • 100 Water lift
  • Wet & Dry sucks Liquids And Solids From Gutters With Ease
  • 58cm x 58cm x 99cm
  • Weighs 25kg
  • No Bag is Required
  • Supplied With 5 Meter Vacuum Hose
  • One Man Operation
  • No Mess
  • Fast And Easy To Assemble
  • Add An Extra Service To Your Existing Business
  • Cleans Quickly And Easily
  • Work Safely From The Ground
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