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Natural Stone Sealer - ULTIMATE ENHANCER
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Product Reviews
By Rod Tyrrell-PriceFROM Epping

Been waiting for some weeks to get the requisite dry window. Applied the sealer and now the result is truly amazing. The sandstone is transformed from dull same colour to show the vibrant shades that the stones had when first laid. I recommend this wholeheartedly as I do the technical dept. response to my questions.


Excellent product I used so far to seal my sandstone patio after installation.

By Geoffrey ElliottFROM 23/8/22

The sealer is easy to use and improves the tiles significantly.

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Natural Stone Sealer - ULTIMATE ENHANCER

FOR SANDSTONE ONLY! (Sample, 1L,5L,25L Sizes) - NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate. Average coverage of 4- 6 m²/litre, up to 5 years protection; for Sandstone only.

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Product Description

Our Ultimate Colour Enhancing Sealer will transform natural Sandstone** and Indian Sandstone** patios, drives and floors. To avoid trapping in moisture, the sealer is fully breathable and once applied it will leave the surface with that 'just rained on' look, bringing to life the natural rich colours within the stone or slate. The Ulimate Colour Enhancer is a 'colour intensifier' for natural stone surface where the preferred look is when the surface has been rained in and the colours are darkened.

The high quality unique non solvent formulation of this sealer for most** types of Sandstone means it will not only dramatically improve the look of the stone, but provide long term protection as well.

By 'impregnating' into the surface and sealing from within, our Ultimate Colour Enhancing Sealer offers the very latest in protection.. Solvent Free and safe to use around animals, children and vegetation, the sealer is easy to use with application by roller, sprayer or paint brush.

**Exceptions to Sandstone suitability: 

Please note this product is not suitable for Kandla Grey (mid and light grey) Sandstone and is NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate

If your Natural Stone has been recently 'pointed' using a 'sweep in' pointing compound, please contact us before application on 01268 722500



If required, pre-treat the surface of the sandstone with an appropriate cleaning product, then fully clean the surface of the sandstone using a pressure washer and leave to dry thoroughly for at least 3 days. If pointed within the last 6 months using a 'sweep-in' jointing compound, the surface must be cleaned using Smartseal Residue Remover and left to fully dry prior to applying the sealer.


This is dependant on the porosity and texture of the Sandstone, but the average is 5-6m per litre for the first coat and approx 10-15m per litre for the second coat.

Prior to application always apply to a test area first in an inconspicuous area to determine suitability.


Store in a cool, well ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed.

Use within 12 months of purchase and within 3 months once open.


Important: Once fully cured Smartseal Ultimate Enhancing Sealer is extremely difficult to remove, please follow application procedure correctly or call 01268 722500 for additional advice.

  • Prior to applying, ensure the sandstone patio or floor is totally clean and has been dry for at least 3 days. 
  • Apply to a dry surface in temperatures above 15C and no higher than 23C. Application is recommended by sprayer, roller, microfibre mop, paint brush or on very dense surfaces by sponge.
  • Apply first coat evenly and generously. Allow to dry for about 45mins then remove any excess sealer residue with a dry roller, cloth or dry sponge. 
  • Apply second coat 'wet on wet' with same process of removing any sealer residue after approx. 45 minutes.

    PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the surface enhancing effect after application, one coat to saturation may only be necessary to create the desired finish. 

Make sure no rain is forecast for a least 8 hours after application. Do not attempt to clean using a pressure washer for at least 7 days after application.
Protect surrounding areas with masking tape, when applying the product, wear gloves and googles at all times. ALWAYS APPLY TO TEST AREA FIRST.

**Please note: This product is NOT recommended for use on Limestone, Granite or Slate**

Avoid use of aggressive or abrasive cleaning products, failure to do so can reduce lifespan and effectiveness of the sealer.

Product FAQs

Q: We are looking to purchase your colour ultimate enhancer and for our Indian sandstone patio. We'll also be re-jointing with a brush in product, should the enhancer go down first or the jointing compound ?


A: Personally I would use the natural stone sealer on your indian sandstone patio. This is because the brush in jointing compounds can leave a residue on the surface that can 1, be hard to remove 2, inhibit the sealer penetrating correctly. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel

Q: We have an exposed sandstone wall in our kitchen. Is this product ok to use on a wall. Would like the colour of the stone enhanced and prevent the dust from the wall too.


A: This sandstone sealer is 'breathable' so it can be used on an internal wall. Samples are available if you would like to try on a test area 1st

Response from Nigel

Q: [''Please note this product is not suitable for Kandla Grey (mid and light grey)''] Is there a specific technical reason why the ultimate enhancer is not recommended for greys? ( the image in the description above is grey). I have tried a sample on our Kandla grey internal flooring and it looks pretty good. Trying to understand why not recommended. thanks.

Paul Walpole

A: The minerals in the Kandla Grey stone are not compatible with the resins in the Natural Stone Sealer Ultimate Enhance. This could run the risk of leaving a patchy finish. Because of the inconsistencies, we don’t recommend any of our enhancing Natural Stone Sealers on Kandla Grey.

Response from Ricky
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