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16" Rotary Headed Surface Cleaner

Versatile flat surface cleaner with skirts

£338.00(ex VAT)
In Stock
Visa Electron
Product Description

16" Whirl-A-Way Rotary Headed Surface Cleaner

Heavy duty surface cleaner for driveways and patios

Cleaning up to 8 square metres per minute the 16" Whirl-A-Way reduces operator fatigue, increases productivity, saving up to 80% on labour costs. The 16" Whirl-A-Way is ideal for cleaning all types of flat surfaces including driveways, concrete floors, patios and can be used with any hot or cold pressure washer. Durable cover eliminates over-spray & damage to surrounding area.

  • Maximum pressure 276 Bar
  • Maximum flow 30 Lpm
  • Maximum temperature 80ºC
  • Polypropylene cover with nylon skirt
  • Supplied with trigger gun & nozzles
Product FAQs

Q: Would this work with a power washer flow rate of 10L/min


A: 10L of water per min, should be enough to operate a 16" Rotary Headed Cleaner

Response from Nigel
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