Natural Stone Sealer

Natural Stone Sealer

Smartseal ULTRA Natural Stone Sealer is an eco-friendy, solvent free natural stone sealer. Having been developed and applied primarily to commercial buildings in the UK for many years, this sealer for natural stone is now widely used by Smartseal registered contractors for sealing both residential and commercial natural stone surfaces.

Our natural stone sealer is classified as an fluro polymer 'impregnating' sealer, which means that it will fill all the microscopic voids in natural stone making it water and stain repellent. Because it seals from within, a long lifespan can be expected. In enhanced weather testing results indicate a lifespan of 10+ years to vertical and 5 years to horizontal surfaces.

These 'impregnating' natural stone sealers are generally seen as far superior to 'topical' solvent based sealers in terms of performance levels for protection to sandstone, limestone and natural slate.

Only one coat of Smartseal ULTRA Natural Stone Sealer is required, unlike the multiple coats that are required when applying topical based sealers. If you require advice or more information on our high quality Natural Stone Sealer please call 01268 722500 or contact us.

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Our sealer for natural stone has many benefits and can be used for various applications. The fact that it is totally solvent free, and complies with the latest REACH health and safety regulations means it can be safely used internally and externally.

The sealer is fluro polymer based which offers excellent protection against staining, algae, lichen and water ingress. Once applied the substrate is protected by a surface film, it has been widely used to protect fascades on commercial building from pollutants becoming ingrained into the stone. From a clients perspective the benefits are that not only does the building keep looking nice, but the regular building cleaning costs are greatly reduced.

From a contractors perspective the sealer for natural stone is a ready to use, easy to apply sealer which only requires one coat. Application is by any type of sprayer, roller kit or brush. Apply the sealer to point of saturation but remove any remaing excess after 45 minutes.

We have available samples of all types of our Natural Stone Sealer and as we stock all forms of the product, next day delivery is possible. When sealer is being applied to any surface, it is always best to apply to a test area first.

If you are a potential commercial customer who is looking for a contractor to carry out the work, please get in touch, we have registered Smartseal contractors around the country who will happily carry out the work.

Our sealer for natural stone can be used on almost any form of stone or natural stone flooring. Coverage rates of the product will vary greatly in relation to the type of surface it is being applied to, for porous indian sandstone type floors coverage of approx 4 m2 can be expected, for harder stone such as granite coverage at up to 20 m2 can be expected.

If you are a contractor or trade customer, get in touch we can register you on our system for additional discounts and special offers on our Natural Stone Sealer and all our other sealers and caotings.

For more advice on our sealing products for natural stone, please call 01268 722500.