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Smartseal are now in the process of expanding internationally and are seeking enquiries from potential business partners in overseas markets. Our selected business partners will be offered the chance to buy an International Master License for part or all of their designated country.

Working with the Smartseal brand as a Master Licensee will have many benefits:

  • Working with a proven established brand

  • Massive marketplace

  • Highly profitable

  • Full technical back up

  • Quality product range


Master Licensing can be described as a ‘business marriage’ between the ‘Master Licensee’ and the ‘Master Licensor’. The Licensee - the purchaser of the Licence - pays an initial investment (to be discussed) for the licensed rights to operate under an established brand, and to be trained and supported by a central Licensor. This business ‘marriage’ is protected by a Master Licence Agreement which provides the Licensee with a defined territory for a set period of time on a renewable basis.

Smartseal Master Licensees will maximise profits through their entrepreneurial skills and as these improve sales, so the Licensor’s overall income will increase. Consequently, Master Licenses are run by highly motivated people who are far more committed to the success of the venture than any directly employed manager, sales representative or agent. This has the added benefit of reducing key staff turnover and allows the effective control of the License network.

The License network will market our well-known brands and services benefiting from the support of a nationally recognised brand - all of which can make Master Licensing the perfect business partnership.

A network of Master Licensee outlets will be a ‘clone’ of the successful Smartseal business model that operates in the UK and Ireland. They will operate in a uniform and structured style in order to mirror the Smartseal brands in their own marketplace. The end result will be a network of individually run businesses which, to the customer, is indistinguishable from the Smartseal corporate image, operational methods and aims.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an International Master Licensee for Smartseal please call 01268 722500. All enquiries will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.