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By Asim HamidFROM Four Pillars Property Services Ltd

Very good and quality biocide.

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BioWash Surface Protector

Keeps a Roof ALGAE & MOSS Free for up to 2 years. Highly Effective CONCENTRATED Formula. Surface Protector for Roofs Specifically Designed for the BioWash Cleaning System

£88.95(ex VAT)
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Categories: BioWash Equipment
Product Description

BioWash Surface Protector is used as a preventative against future moss, algae and lichen growth.

Application and coverage:

  • Apply to dry surface after diluting 1:3 with water.
  • Apply a "flood" coat to saturation, followed by a lighter second coat.
  • Allow to soak in and dry on the surface: do not wash off
  • Expected coverage: 500 mē per 25 Litre when diluted 1:3

For use after using the BioWash Surface Cleaner. 

If applied correctly, will prevent organic growth for 24 months +  

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