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Product Reviews
By Paul Dishot

Fantastic sealer really transformed my patio , very happy with results

By Gerard Durcan

The black limestone sealer has transformed my old grey patio tiles into a vibrant new patio!

By Bernadette Howells

What an amazing product! We only bought the sample size, but will definitely be purchasing the 5 litre now as we want to bring back to life our Black Limestone Patio, which over the winter turned a very pale grey! It's going to make such a huge difference to our garden and will be a great contrast colour next to the new Astroturf!

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Black Limestone Sealer - Transforms Re- Colours Seals and Protect

Easy to Apply, Hardwearing Solvent-Based Sealer and Colourant

Visa Electron
Product Description

Smartseal black limestone sealer is a highly-effective solvent-based sealer and re-colourant for black limestone which gives a transformative effect.

Limestone slabs will often fade over time and gradually turn a lighter shade of grey. The black limestone sealer can transform the look of faded limestone patios and make them look like they were recently laid. The sealer can be re-applied at any time to ensure any limestone slabs on patios or other external surfaces look good at all times.



  • Clean surface using a pressure washer and/or Patio Clean Xtreme.
  • Allow to dry for a minimum of 72 hours
  • Apply above 12C with a temperature no higher than 23C
  • Two coats are recommended
  • Apply by roller
  • Coverage: Average coverage approx. 4 - 5m/litre first coat (dependant on surface) and approx. 6 - 8m/litre second coat

Always apply to a test area first to determine suitability. A sample size (150 ml) is available for purchase should you wish to try it before committing to purchase 5 Litres.

***PLEASE NOTE*** - For best results, if a sweep-in jointing compound has been used when the slabs were laid, we would recommend using the residue remover prior to application.

Product FAQs

Q: My black limestone slabs are very pale. I have tried your black limestone sealer, but it is too black, and the impregnating limestone sealer doesn't change the colour at all. Can I mix together? Or add water to black limestone sealer?

Marilyn Hawkey

A: Unfortunately you cannot mix both together as one is a solvent based sealer and the other is a non-solvent. The chemistries of both sealers are not compatible. You aslo cannot add water to the black limestone sealer.

Response from Nick

Q: Which is the best 9 inch roller for applying the sealer, foam or a short pile gloss sleeve? . Thanks


A: I have always used medium pile or foam roller, both are ok to use. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel

Q: Impressed after trying a sample tin of the product but there's still some white coming through. I've ordered a litre tin because it's definitely an improvement but do you have any suggestions on how to stop the discoloration showing. Can we apply something to the surface prior to application or should I try three coats? Cheers, Darren

Darren Davies

A: If the limestone is quite porous, a third coat of the black limestone sealer can be applied.

Response from Nigel
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