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By John PlumbFROM

Very pleased with the mask, could not smell a thing until I took it off . Better than I thought it would be, better than the throw away type. As for the Smart Seal Matt. So pleased with the results, the water does simply run off. I would recommend to a good DIY. My first time using this product, and thanks to the chaps who gave advice.Thank you .

By RichardFROM Rb building and Landscaping Sheffield

The mask worked well, couldnt smell a thing.Paid for next day delivery and it arrived on time

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Professional Respiratory Mask (with replaceable filters)

Professional Respiratory Mask (with replaceable filters)

£19.96(ex VAT)
In Stock
Visa Electron
Categories: Safety Wear
Product Description

Recommended for protection against sealer fumes.

The Tradesman mask features a twin angle mounted design. It is supplied with filters which can be replaced as necessary. It is manufactured from hypo-allergenic, odour free, medical grade PVC.  It has one exhale valve with large surface area for extremely low breathing resistance and reduced wearer fatigue. It also features a wide elastic strapping with clip adjustment for perfect fit. The mask conforms to EN140. Filters conform to EN141 & EN143.

It is supplied as standard with the recommended filter.

A2P2 - This provides protection Medium Efficiency protection against organic vapour.

Product FAQs

Q: can I buy replacement filters and what is the price or can they be cleaned if so whats the process

john Carolan

A: Unfortunately, we don't provide spare filters. We only have the Respiratory Mask sold as a whole. There are 3rd party filters that you can easily buy to replace the filters, it's a universal size.

Response from Ricky
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