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Professional Sprayer, 18" Aluminum Wand, 36" Reinforced Hose, Brass Adjustable Nozzle

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Categories: Sprayers
Product Description

The Smith Premium Multi-purpose Contractor Sprayer offer great value & functionality. One sprayer does it all - from cleaning decking and concrete surfaces to applying weed killers, herbicides, or pesticides.


  • The Smith 7.6 Multi-purpose sprayer is specified with components to get a professional contractor through a single project.

  • Integrated safe, splash cap sends vapours and liquids down and away when top is opened.

  • Highly efficient pump pressurises with 25% fewer strokes than most other sprayers 

  • Buna gaskets and seals for water based chemical protection and longevity

  • Durable 18" Aluminium wand, 36" reinforced hose and shut-off with comfort grip and lock-on feature for continuous spraying.

  • Brass adjustable nozzle (enables stream to cone patterns) at the twist of a nozzle


BRAND:  Smith
TANK CAPACITY: 7.6L (2 Gallon)
HOSE LENGTH:  9/16" x 50" Reinforced
WAND LENGTH & MATERIAL:  18" Aluminium
NOZZLES:  Poly Adjustable, Brass Adjustable, 2 Flat Fans
WARRANTY:  1 Year Limited*

*Warranty is valid subject to correct use during application and cleaning of the sprayer after use. It does not cover damage caused by lack of care.

Prior to performing any maintenance or repairs, empty the contents in the sprayer tank. Pump any remaining fluid out of the pump. Lock trigger and spray all fluid out of shut-off until all fluid and air pressure has been expelled.

Product FAQs

Q: Can I use this to spray my sealant on my imprinted concrete and how would I clean it after


A: The sealer can be applied by sprayer on imprinted concrete, but we would recommend by broom. To clean your sprayer after use, you would flush through with our 'tool cleaning fluid'. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel
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