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Chapin Sprayer (7.6L)

XP PRO SERIES SPRAYER - Viton Seals. Chemical Resistant Seals - Ideal for all clear sealers. High performance Professional Sprayer for all Solvent and Non Solvent Sealers

£58.29(ex VAT)
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Product Description

Chapin XP 7.6ltr ProSeries Viton Seal Sprayer

The Chapin ProSeries Poly Sprayer is ideal for driveway and patio use. With the inclusion of Viton seals & gaskets it can easily be used to apply high quality sealers.

If using with our acrylic solvent-based sealers then Smartseal Tools Cleaning Fluid must be used afterwards to clean the unit and nozzles.

This poly pump sprayer features:

  • 7.6ltr translucent poly tank with 4-inch-wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Cushion grip shut-off, poly wand and adjustable brass, poly-fan and poly-cone nozzles.
  • Shutoff matches most backpack shutoff assemblies.

Product FAQs

Q: Can this be used for spraying fences, sheds and the like Thanks

Andy Burns

A: This sprayer is perfectly suitable for spraying fences & sheds. But it would depend on the viscosity of the liquid you are using.

Response from Nick
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