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By Sarah KirkFROM CDS Power Washing Services

This piece of sales/marketing equipment is invaluable when assisting customers to initially choose a sealer type and to give them an accurate idea of the overall look that will be achieved post cleaning, sanding & sealing. The board is compact enough and light weight and can easily be transported in a sales bag and is overall both an excellent marketing tool to be utilised on sales stands as well as an excellent sales tool.

By Pristine PavingFROM East Sussex

A simple yet highly effective sales tool, these display boards allow you to show prospective customers, SmartSeal sealer applied, and how well the sealer sets the jointing sand in place.

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Block Paving Sealer Display Board

Block Paving Sealed Display Board

£24.95(ex VAT)
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Visa Electron
Categories: Display Boards
Product Description

An excellent way to show your customers the benefit of application of paving sealer. The display board is professionally presented with three sections of block paving sanded and sealed within a 'picture frame' style board.

It is an easy way to vividly emphasise how the application of paving sealer will give the following benefits

  • Seal sand into joints
  • Waterproof surface
  • Protect against UV light
  • Stain resistant
  • Enhances natural colours
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