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30m Dual Core High Pressure Extension Hose - 250 Bar

30m - 1 wire rubber hose, 250 Bar rated pressure, 2x M22 F coupler ports, 150°C max temperature

£190.00(ex VAT)
In Stock
Visa Electron
Product Description

A 30 metre extension hose is a essential piece of equipment required to avoid constant moving of pressure washer whilst on site. As standard pressure washers are supplied with a 10 metre hose leaving the regular re-location of the machine un-avoidable. This extra piece of kit will save you time and money.

Product Features

-  Press 400 Bar
-  30 Metre hose
-  3/8" id double wire rubber hose
-  3/8" F x 3/8" M fittings
-  Max temp 150C



3 month replacement warranty if faulty (excludes misuse and general wear and tear)

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