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Professional Roller Kit including Sealer/Coating Scuttle - for Applying Block Paving Sealer, Tarmac Restorer and Natural Stone Sealer

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Roller good as is the scuttle. Just be careful of the roller as it has metal frame that might scratch stone edges etc. But did apply sealer to patio nicely.

By Craig S

Great scuttle and brush. I bought an additional roller for the sealer.

By Lucas Fernandes From Nottingham

Worked great. Even application and much faster of sealer than using a brush. Application took minutes rather than hours. Only comment is product could do with being fitted with a splash guard. If you are purchasing this be very careful when applying seal, so you don't ruin any nearby brickwork or fencing. If it had a splash guard, it would have been a five rating.

By Damien Marjot

Medium pile roller only managed one coat on my drive before wearing out. Would probably be OK on a smoother surface drive. I switched to a longer pile masonry sleeve for my drive which worked much better.

By Simon Peacock

Good quality, good value, so it was great. A roller did not come with my kit so I was glad I purchased two separately. I called the technical department and Andrew was very helpful about mixing the colour additive.

By Mike Kanter From Halstock, Dorset

The roller kit is perfect for the job of applying the sealant....really heavy duty product.

By Celia Somers

So easy to apply with great results

By Mark Robson From Cramlington

Did the job, no problems, bought a spare roller, used one for applying the block magic and then changed to the new one for the sealer.

By Elaine Wilde

You might need to shave the bottom of the long handle down a little to get it far enough into the roller to attach with a nail or screw. Otherwise it will repeatedly fall off during use! If you have very rough patio flags, you'll find it hard work, but it does do the job.

By Stewart Wailes

In comparison to other suppliers this item is good quality and very reasonably priced.I purchased a spare roller as the sealant I was using did not have a solvent and once used and allowed to dry the roller it is useless and at this price why would want to try to clean it.

By Steven Bourne

The seal good.but don't use roller.it takes to long .and use more sealer.what I had left i put in a spray much quicker and easier. You won't use much sealer if you put it in a spray .product good.

By Richard Chin

didn't remove a lot of black spots on block paving. sprayed several times on black spots didnt remove it all.

By Richard Chin From Liverpool

After a tricky start the long wooden handle would not fit into the metal holder, but after filing the end it finally slotted into the hole. The product itself is very good.

By Anjie Griffiths From Anjie Griffiths

Am resealing a large tarmac drive and the kit is ideal . Have used it today on first coat. Well pleased with the ease of use .Would gladly recommend this product .

By Brian Oakley

Good products great customer service. Thank you

By David Gaskin

The roller kit helped me to apply sealant to my block paving and was very effective. On delivery I found the long wooden handle to be rough and with splinters so had to sand it before use. I also found attaching the roller to the head fiddly and removing it after use was very messy. However it does the job really well.

By Terry Coode

The roller was OK for use on small areas but for larger areas the roller started to get compacted and really could have done with a spare which I eventually did buy. Also, the plastic scuttle started to bow outwards at the bottom when I left some sealant in it in between coats.

By Robert Trowell

I had quite a large area of patio and paths to seal and decided to purchase the scuttle and roller brush - they did make the job far easier and I would recommend them if intending to use the sealer. Very easy to use and the roller worked very well. The scuttle is nice and big and easy to move around without spilling the sealer.

By Margaret Bulman

worked well as to be expected

By Peter Ward

Really useful roller and bucket 5 stars

By Stephen Briggs

Found the block paving sealer and satin sealer top coat to be excellent, roller / handle spilt, had to tape it , handle needed trimming down to fit roller frame , considerable waste of time , Ricky on sales 10 out of 10 excellent service and assistance , delivery was an issue with delayed delivery, delivery drive Andy again excellent

By Michael Gill

The roller did the job and I used it to put two coats on a large driveway, 150 meters square. The wooded handle did not quite fit the head attachment and after I finished, I threw the roller sleeve away and tried to bang the head on the handle a bit more, ended up breaking it in the process- still it put my two coats on fine

By Paul Indri

I bought roller kit to apply the smartseal natural stone sealer. It was great for a even application and made the job nice and easy.

By Lee Waterman

Great roller. Extending handle really sturdy. Well worth the money. Would definitely recommend

By Gillian Thorpe From West Midlands

A little expensive for what it is but does the job well Can you buy extra rollers

By Gary Marshall

Very good service

By Alison Peech

The roller itself is pretty good. However, the long wooden handle that accompanied the roller was broken in half when delivered and it was too big in any event to fit into the steel frame that came with the roller.

By Mark Vickery

Decent product, perfect for what we needed it for.

By Rob Wynne

Following my earlier review, Mandy at Smartseal got in touch with me the next day to find out what had happened to the roller kit that didn't roll smoothly due to slight kink in the roller. I was given full refund, but as had only done a small part of a big area, used refund against spray gun and kit rather than get a new roller. Mandy was very helpful, also getting further info from one of their technicians. Excellent recovery by Smartseal

By Anthony Andrews From Liverpool

Roller came with a slight kink, and as a result did not roll smoothly. Would say you are best buying a spray kit. Far easier to use

By Anthony Andrews

Excellent and cannot recommend highly enough.

By Mary Mulberry

Fast delivery very happy with product

By Nigel Bishop

Just the job

By Robin Drysdale

very happy good product

By Peter Hairsine

Easy to use, no problems

By Suzan Maric

I wasn't impressed with the price and build of this (PROFESSIONAL) roller, the spindle holding the roller was retained with a small split pin, a bit of a fiddle lining up the holes that hold the roller in-place, I think the idea of calling it a PROFESSIONAL ROLLER doesn't merit this product.

By Christopher McLellan



It is much easier to apply the sealer with a roller than a brush and the coating scuttle means you do not have to remove the lid on the sealer drum to do the messy job of dipping a broom into it. Just pull up the spout and pour into the scuttle. Much easier

By Trevor Mallett

I am very satisfied with the result. I am sorry I didn't buy the cleaning liquid for the roller, we cleaned it with turps,bu,t it's not perfect.

By Jean Wilson

handy - but expensive

By Terry Rootsey

Does the work its intended very well.

By S Mc Namee From Pwllheli Wales
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Professional Roller Kit including Sealer/Coating Scuttle

Quick and easy application of block paving sealer and tarmac restorer

12" Industrial Roller Kit with medium roller designed for applying block paving sealer, patio sealer or tarmac restorer. This long handled roller kit is combined with a heavy duty large sealer/coating scuttle for large jobs. This allows the most efficient and fastest application of sealing materials. The roller head can be replaced at any time, allowing the equipment to be re-used time and time again.

Roller handle length: 4 ft

Roller sleeve width: 12 inches