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Professional grade sprayer with components for maximum resistance to acids

Visa Electron
Categories: Sprayers
Product Description


  • 7.6L Professional grade sprayer and components for maximum resistance to acids.

  • Poly, 21" wand and shut-off with high-grade alloy springs and washers for corrosion resistance.

  • Faster, easier repair - pump seals can be changed within minutes without tools, which equals less downtime.

  • Pressure release valve allows you to safely remove internal pressure prior to opening the tank.

  • High efficient pump requires 25% fewer pumps per gallon than leading competitor.

  • Includes a poly adjustable nozzle, medium volume flat fan, and low volume flat fan.


MODEL: Acid Resistant, Poly Adjustable, Low Volume Flat Fan, Medium volume flat fan, 21" Polypropylene
BRAND Smith Performance Sprayers
TANK CAPACITY: 7.6L (2 Gallon)
WAND MATERIAL: 21" Polypropylene
NOZZLES:  Poly Adjustable, Low Volume Flat Fan, Medium volume flat fan
SHUT-OFF FILTER:  Polypropylene
TANK MATERIAL: Polypropylene
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited*

*Warranty is valid subject to correct use during application and cleaning of the sprayer after use. It does not cover damage caused by lack of care.

Prior to performing any maintenance or repairs, empty the contents in the sprayer tank. Pump any remaining fluid out of the pump. Lock trigger and spray all fluid out of shut-off until all fluid and air pressure has been expelled.

Product FAQs

Q: Can I use undiluted 14%bleach with this Acid sprayer


A: Hi James, we recommend using a dedicated cleaner, but I doubt using bleach in the sprayer will not be possible.

Response from Josh

Q: We use 26% hydrochloric acid as part of our finishing process would this be suitable or do you have something else suitable that could handle that level of acidity?

Nick willis

A: This sprayer should be suitable for this purpose, it is currently the only acid resistant sprayer in our range. Hope that helps.

Response from Rick
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