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Really fast delivery, great product for roof tiles, would use again

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Roof Revive (5L)

Easy to Apply -treat and prevent the growth of Green Growth and Algae (dilute 1:5 to make 25 litres). Green growth killer for concrete, slate & clay roof tiles. Simply Apply & Leave - Green Growth & Algae Killer - Slate, Clay & Concrete Tiles.

Visa Electron
Product Description

Roof Green Growth Killer & Powerful Roof Organic Matter Remover

Highly Effective Organic Matter, Algae and Mould Remover.

Roof Revive is a roof cleaning concentrate designed as an organic growth and algae treatment that safely removes all types of green growth without the need for washing off at high pressure or scrubbing.

By reducing the pressure whilst cleaning the risk of damage to roof tiles is minimised and cleaning time reduced. Roof Revive is also designed to be applied after the roof has been cleaned to eliminate the risk of spores re-forming.

Roof Revive is also suitable for use on paving, tarmac and other concrete surfaces.


For best results dilute at a ratio of one part Roof Revive to five parts water. Coverage of approx 100mē to 120mē can be expected from 5 litres: application by sprayer or watering can is recommended.

Does not contain bleach or acid.


Product FAQs

Q: Can any of these products mark/stain patterned concrete drives/path sealers?

Ken Paine

A: Our imprinted concrete sealers are very resistant. They will not be adversly affected by our 'green clear' or 'xtreme' range or any other cleaning products we supply.

Response from Nigel

Q: Will this effect the colour of a grey concrete tile ?

Lee Trueman

A: No, the roof cleaner contains no harmful acid based ingredients that could adversly affect the colour of the roof tiles

Response from Alex

Q: Hi, Does this product change the colour of lead flashing ? Thanks

Stephen Holmes

A: This roof cleaner contains no harmful ingredients that would damage or oxidise the lead flashing. Once applied results will be seen after a few days, it will then continue to work for months afterwards and also act as a preventative. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel
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