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Masonry Protection Cream 25Yr+ Protection Highly Effective Brick and Stone Walls
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Product Reviews
By Paul Best

Been using the masonry cream for a few years now on jobs excellent product.Been back on jobs and still effective after years .Great service from Smartseal

By Colin Parkes

The masonry cream went on a dream, coverage on the brick work spot on 4 to 5 sq Mt per Lt.

By Steve ClarkeFROM Shrewsbury

The masonry protection cream was very easy to apply, and being white upon application was easy to see all areas were covered, and to make sure the product had worked into any imperfections in the bricks or mortar joints, started to turn clear after 20 to 30 minutes. Coverage was exactly as stated on the tin, and again as stated did darken the brick and mortar joints slightly. All in all a very good product to apply, will reserve comment on longevity of protection. But would definately recommend.

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Masonry Protection Cream 25Yr+ Protection Highly Effective Brick and Stone Walls

Easy to Apply, Dry Finish. Protects from Water Ingress.Breathable Waterproof Formula.

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Product Description

Climashield Masonry Protection Cream is a VOC free, water based, protective treatment brick waterproofer, specially formulated to create strong waterproofing properties on brickwork, masonry and render. The deeply penetrating Masonry Cream is a very effective damp proofer and brick sealer that forms a strong barrier against penetrating damp.

  • Highly-effective brick waterproofer
  • Dry, "Invisible" Finish
  • Leaves Walls Breathable
  • Coverage ratio: 5 m per litre is recommended on standard brickwork
  • Can be painted over with a specialist silicate-based masonry paint (such as Seciltek & Earthborn paints) once the Masonry Cream has sufficiently cured (7 days recommended).  
  • Can be used on softwood,such as pine. Its penetration is not as good as on Masonry but it does work as a water repellent. Not recommended for hardwood, such as oak, teak & mahogany.
  • The substrate must be dry prior to application, otherwise this will present a barrier to the Masonry Cream soaking into the surface.
  • Minimum application temperature: 10C
  • The waterproofing masonry sealer will last up to 25 years
  • NOT suitable for use over K Rend or Monocouche render systems

In a storm dry walls are essential if you want to avoid water ingress and long term damp. The Masonry Protection Cream provides long lasting protection from water penetration and the spread of damp in masonry and brickwork by filling the porous voids within the substrate without blocking them. This allows the masonry to release trapped moisture and to 'breathe', preventing moisture build up. This effective brick waterproofer can last up to 25 years and help to prevent the spread of penetrating damp.

Unlike waterproof paints and waterproof coatings that are available in DIY stores our protective cream is far more effective and lasts much longer. It will also retain the original dry appearance of the substrate so it is ideally suited for application to brickwork, stonework and most forms of unprotected masonry.

This highly effective damp proofing system will also provide a highly effective additional barrier to flooding as part of any existing flood protection system.

Dry damp proof walls will also increase the thermal efficiency of a property. This can produce energy savings from an average of 6% to as much as 29%, if used in conjunction with other green deal systems.


Viscous masonry cream based on Advanced Silane/Siloxane chemistry.

For best results, one heavy application of ClimashieldTM Masonry Cream on standard brickwork at 5m per litre is recommended. On dense, less absorbent brickwork or render, coverage of the brick waterproofer can be increased by up to 10m per litre.

The substrate must be dry prior to application, otherwise this will present a barrier to the Masonry Cream soaking into the surface. Minimum application temperature: 10C. Store the product in a cool, dark place to prevent contamination by bacteria or fungal spores carried by air. Only open containers to remove the amount of product required and then close the lid once the product has been taken out. Once the containers have been opened, use up the complete contents as quickly as possible.

Can be applied by roller or paint brush. Due to its high viscosity, a simple, drip and run free application is possible. In general, only one heavy application is required. The cream will penetrate and absorb into the substrate within 30 minutes to several hours, depending on surface porosity. Once dry, the brickwork or masonry will be left with a dry/invisible finish.

Technical data sheets and application information are available for viewing and/or download via the above links. 

Product FAQs

Q: My THREE foot high brick front garden wall is coping with carbon emissions from passing traffic 24/7 It has been suggested to me that this may be a likely reason for a crumbling of the face of many of the bricks. Would Masonry cream adhere to the bricks and defend. Thanks in anticipation of any tips. Vincent


A: Hi Vincent, Yes the masonry cream will adhere to your wall and help to protect them from further wear and expand their lifespan.

Response from Josh

Q: Hi. I have a damp exterior wall, especially when it rains (damp higher than rising damp) and no one knows why. We were advised to point the exterior walls but it hasn’t made a difference. Would the break sealant or cream be the best option for us?


A: We would recommend the masonry cream as the best method of sealing the wall

Response from Nigel

Q: Hello, so have a single skin brick garage built in 2015. The rear exterior wall is in the neighbours garden and they have built a deck up against it, the edge of which sits about an inch away from the garage wall and the top surface of the deck is about 4 bricks above the DPC, when it rains the water leaks through the DPC into my garage which I assume is due to the splash back from the deck, onto the wall and then the water running down to the DPC. My question is if I used your masonry cream on the outside wall as well as the inside, would this allow the cream to penetrate fully through the brickwork on both sides and prevent the water ingress when it rains? Any help would be appreciated. Also which product would you suggest the masonry cream or the spray brick sealer for either wall?


A: The masonry cream would be our recommendation, because it technically penetrates further than the brick sealer. Both the products could be used on your internal and external wall. Samples of the brick sealer and masonry cream are available through our website.

Response from Nigel
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