Roof Coating

Roof Coating

Smartseal supply a range of quality roof coatings under the Climashield™ brand. Climashield™ roof coatings come in a choice of six popular colours and can transform the appearance of old roof tiles to make them look like new.

Climashield™ has been extensively used across the UK and Ireland by ever increasing numbers of roof coating contractors. Climashield™ also comes with a full 10 year dual product guarantee to give our customers and roof coating agents complete confidence in the quality of our roof coating product.

If your customer prefers to retain the look and original colour of their roof, Smartseal can also supply a clear impregnating sealer for concrete and clay roof tiles. This is available in a matt or colour enhanced version.

If you are a roof cleaning contractor looking to expand your business into the lucrative roof coating sector and would like more information prior to using our roof coatings, please call 01268 722500 or complete our enquiry form.

Smartseal roof paints and roof coating all have been tested to the highest industry standards available. When applied professionally your roof will not only be transformed by the application of roof coating or roof paint as some people refer to it, but also protected as well.

When a roof tile is new it has a water resistant protective coatingon its'face'. As the tile gets older it becomes more porous and susceptible to moss and algae, it can lose grubby and generally let the overall look of the property down.

If a roof is holding a lot of moss it also stays wet for far greater periods which accelerates heat loss. Once treated with our roof paint or clear roof sealer the weather resistant properties are again present within the roof tile and future potential maintenance problems are reduced.

With all our roof coatings and roof sealers a minimum 10+ years of good looks and protection can be expected.