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Clay Tile Sealer - Natural Finish

(Available in 1 & 5 litre) Impregnating Clay tile sealer in a natural, dry finish. Coverage up to 10 m² per litre

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Product Description

Clay Tile Sealer with a 'DRY' Natural looking Finish

Smartseal Clay Tile Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating coating system. Application of the sealer will alter the chemical structure of the clay providing a excellent water repellent and stain resistant surface.

Please note that this product will not solidify sand-filled joints, if present.

One coat application to saturation, or for best results, apply a second coat once 'touch dry'
1 x 5 litre will treat up to 50 m
Highly resistant to algae, lichen and staining
Will leave surface looking "dry/natural" dependant on porosity of the tile.

Average coverage 10 m per litre
Application by roller, sprayer or suitable cloth
Touch dry 2-3 hours
Fully waterproof 24 hours
Lifespan up to 5 years
Suitable for Clay tiles or pavers, externally or internally


PREPARATION: Prior to application of clay tile sealer or natural stone sealer ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from contamination. If algae or stains are present pre treat prior to cleaning with a appropriate cleaning product.

Always test product on-site, in an inconspicuous area, to ensure you fully are satisfied with the final appearance/ colour of the surface.

APPLICATION: Shake container well before use.Apply by pressure sprayer, roller, sponge or brush. Application on vertical surfaces should be to full saturation commencing at the bottom and working upwards. Do not apply in damp conditions and only apply to dry surfaces in temperatures above 13C and no higher than 23C. It is very important to make sure no rain is forecast for at least 8 hours after application. 

Applying one coat to saturation is normally sufficient. For best results, apply one coat to saturation. If porous (only once touch dry) apply 2nd lighter coat can be applied ('wet on wet' finish). If over application does occur on either coats, excess sealer can be removed with a dry roller or sponge. Ensure this is done within 45 minutes.

All equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.

SHELF LIFE: Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Protect from frost.
 12 months shelf life (in original sealed container). Once opened use within 3 months.

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