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Concrete Floor Sealer (Solvent Free)

Acrylic Polymer Hardwearing Solvent Free Sealer for Domestic & Commercial use. Prevent Dusting, Hardens & Protects Concrete Floors - Subtle Sheen Once Dry

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Product Description

A ready to apply concrete floor sealer, garage floor sealer & concrete dustproofer that is specially formulated to penetrate and stabilise dusty concrete floors and screeds. It leaves a very subtle sheen finish once dry. Our concrete floor sealer is ideal for sealing dusty concrete floors in many internal situations such as kitchens, factories, warehouses, sheds, garages, workshops. 

  • Hard wearing sealer for all Concrete Floors.
  • Excellent Dustproofer & Sealer.
  • Internal Use - Suitable for floors in Kitchens, Food Processing areas, Garages, Factories & Warehouses.
  • NOT suitable for use with our Sealer Colour Tint
  • Used as a Final Coat Sealer and should NOT be painted over.
  • Two Coat Application by roller, sprayer or brush.
  • Specially formulated to penetrate and stabilise dusty concrete floors and sand/cement screeds.
  • Solvent FREE formulation.
  • Leaves a subtle sheen finish once dry.

A low viscosity concrete floor sealer that can be applied by roller, sprayer or brush and will quickly penetrate and seal most types of concrete flooring. It will bind any loose concrete dust and help to prolong the lifespan of the concrete it has been applied to.


For best results apply two coats.

Average coverage of 4-6sq m per litre dependent on surface porosity of the concrete floor it is being applied to. Coverage may increase to 8-15 sq m per litre on concrete that is smooth, polished or has floated/screeded finish.

Store in a cool dry place.

Use within 6 months of opening.

Product FAQs

Q: Hi can this be used to seal a concrete floor of a bathroom before latex is laid? (then adhesive and tiles on top) thanks


A: You should be able to seal the concrete floor without any issues with the solvent free concrete sealer prior to applying the latex.

Response from Nick

Q: Is this suitable for use on painted patio slabs to seal and is it transparent?


A: The sealer should be applied over a painted surface. The paint will stop the sealer penetrating into the substrate and adhering correctly.

Response from Nigel

Q: Would this be suitable for a two-coat latex screed domestic kitchen floor?


A: Yes it can be applied as long as the two-coat latex screed is cement based.

Response from Nick
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