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Superior Stone Enhancer (1L & 5L)

Protects against oil and water based stains, whilst enhancing the natural stone colours wirh a matt finish. Premium grade water-based stone and masonry enhancing sealer; Enhances natural colour & texture; Suitable for all types of natural stone surfaces

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Product Description


  • Enhances natural colour & texture
  • Suitable for most* types of natural stone surfaces
  • Protects against staining from oil & water
  • Suitable for internal & external use

Superior Stone Enhancer is a premium grade water based stone and masonry enhancing sealer that impregnates to protect against oil and water based stains, whilst enhancing the natural stone colours, leaving a matt finish.

Superior Stone Enhancer can be used for internal and external application, suitable for the application to most* porous textured stone and masonry surfaces.

*Not recommended for use on highly polished, ceramic/glazed or non-porous surfaces. Not recommended for marble. For marble, please use Natural Stone Impregnator - Solvent-based


Up to 25mē per litre, dependant on porosity of surface



1) Before application the surface must be completely clean and dry, apply an even coat with a low pressure sprayer, roller, natural fibre brush or sponge. Any excess sealer must be completely removed from the surface after 20-30 minutes, failure to remove the excess will lead to an unwelcome tacky, shiny finish.

2) Apply a second application approximately 45-60 minutes repeating the process.

After application it is important that the stone surface is kept completely dry through the curing process, up to 72 hours. Any moisture or water left on the surface within this time may result in the sealer drying inconsistent showing hard to remove white patches.

Please Note: Areas not to be sealed must be protected with masking materials. It is strongly recommended that a small test area is completed before proceeding to ensure suitability for surface type.


Clean treated areas with Superior Tile & Stone Cleaner, do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents as this can have a negative effect on the treated surface.

Product FAQs

Q: Superior Stone Enhancer for Natural Stone (Available in 1 & 5 Litres) Protects against oil and water based stains, whilst enhancing the natural stone colours, leaving a matt finish. Please advise if this product is a slate sealer and would be suitable for a slate hearth

jackie wilson

A: Yes, the Superior Stone Enhancer will be fine to use on a stone hearth.

Response from George
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