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Silicon Mastic for Concrete Expansion Joints- Shrink Resistant

Mastic to seal expansion joints in imprinted or plain concrete (available in Translucent, Black or Brown - Translucent will visually darken over time)

Visa Electron
Product Description

Silicone mastic sealant to fill expansion joints in imprinted concrete 

Mastic sealant available in Translucent, Black and Brown

Premium quality low modulus non corrosive silicone sealant that adheres to all concrete substrates. (average 7-10 linear metre coverage)

Primarily used on imprinted concrete driveways and patios to avoid expansion joints becoming clogged up and filled with muck.

Specifically designed to fill concrete expansion joints, tested to ISO11600 standards, easy application via mastic gun

Product FAQs

Q: I am about to re seal my drive with your product. Do I apply the mastic to the expansion joints before or after sealing? Thanks

Frankie Wallace

A: You apply the mastic after applying the imprinted concrete sealer

Response from Ricky

Q: I have garden concrete panel fencing, it is now showing wear and tear and bare in places where it has flaked off and you can see the metal base. Can you recommend a product for repair and then sealing it. Thankyou

Angela Allen

A: Would be best to get in touch with our technical team online or over the phone who will best be able to advise you.

Response from Christie

Q: Why do I need to remove mastic before I reseal concrete drive when mastic is in excellent condition.

Dean Pendlebury

A: You would only need to remove any existing mastic if it was deteriorating and starting to break up. If it is good condition, then you should be able to leave it in place when you reseal the imprinted concrete.

Response from Nick
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