'GREEN CLEAR' PRO Kills & Inhibits All Green Growth- Safe, Quick & Easy

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'GREEN CLEAR' PRO Kills & Inhibits All Green Growth- Safe, Quick & Easy
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This stuff is brilliant. I have a brick patio which for most of the year is in the shade. It was regularly green with moss but not now. One treatment with this product keeps it moss free for at least a year. No more pressure washing!

By Ian Cunningham From Welwyn

We have used this product on our club tennis courts and it seems very effective in killing the moss after about a week- though one needs to be careful not to use it when rain is expected in the next few hours as that reduces its effectiveness. I would certainly recommend the product.

By Chris Shorter

I purchased this back in April of this year but haven't got around to using this until now. I have more block paving than you can shake a stick at and I must confess I was a little sceptical as to whether this would work and how easy it would be to use. I applied using a 15 ltr Solo backpack. I was conscious having watched the videos that I needed to ensure a good covering. I have to say 24 hours later, some areas of moss have shrivelled to black others are now brown. The very heavy areas are still green but are not looking as healthy as they were 24 hours ago. So far, so very good.

By M Heffron

product arrived quicker than expected. I have put one application on a few days ago and the moss seems to be dying so it would appear to be living up to their claims

By Colin Brooke

Arrived within a couple of days of ordering and luckily I had just enough so did not need to store it because of the short life once opened as mentioned by other reviewers. Worked very well on the moss and glad I bought this rather than a lower priced one from a DIY chain.

By Michael Palfrey From Market Harborough

Amazing product highly recommended company customer care is perfection had a few questions and was very helped. 5*

By Jason Lee

First time I've used this product I'm very impressed, it worked brilliantly, and I'll definitely use it again and recommend it

By Roger Airey

Worked brilliantly. I applied it diluted in a backpack. Initially it went bright green, probably because it had been so dry for weeks, but then within a day or so it went completely brown and died off.

By Steven A From Surrey

Wow! The difference is amazing. I did my drive in the summer of 2019 and it still looks as good today in September 2021. Also aggregate loss has been arrested. Excellent product.

By Steven Lumb From West Yorkshire

Will do review later as I have not yet used the product

By Elizabeth Dixon

This is good stuff- started to kill moss within a couple of days of application. Not the cheapest on the market but certainly one of the best. I have tried other cheaper brands & also bleach to no or very little effect.So you get what you pay For

By Steve Paxton

I agree with other reviewers that it should be made far clearer that the product should be used within 3 months once opened.I also found that re-treatment was necessary which therefore greatly reduced the effective coverage. That said, the end result on my patio was really good and I will use the product again.

By Nigel Pittman From Mold

Brilliant Product, Applied to moss-covered Tarmac at a 1 in 5 dilution and moss dead within the week Fast efficient delivery too

By Martin Lochhead From Highlands

Only just applied to roof so unable to tell how effective yet.. Delivery was quick and arrived after 3 days

By Elizabeth Newton

Ordered product the second time and it didn't disappoint, works fast and removes even thicker moss without problems. Had about 2 litres leftover from last year and it still worked and now 6 months later still no moss growing.

By Regina Thomas

My husband sprayed the roof today, having had to wait for a still day. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. He used your product a few years ago and it worked really well. It has kept the roof clear of moss and today's application was mainly as a prevention. WE have every confidence in your product. Thank you.

By Evelyn Morris

Great product, good instructions and yes the user guide does state once opened use within 3 months. That said if you weigh up the cost of 5 litres, and any wastage thereof at 7 per litre against getting a roof cleaning firm in, the overall savings make it a non brainer. Best of all, staff are available to help and advise and in my case prevented me from ordering the wrong product for my roof. Well recommended thank you

By Nigel Chase From Isle of Man

Never mind the product, what about the service! Probably the best service/delivery time I have ever had for anything bought on-line! Superb! As for the Moss pro clear, it had removed ALL the green algae around pathways and walls within 48 hours, though some of the moss is taking a little longer. Very quick and easy!

By Mike Rainford

So far so good. 2 weeks since I sprayed with the moss killer, it looks dead. Its an asbestos roof so I really dont want to have to brush off the dead material if avoidable

By R A Smith

Used this product to kill moss before so know it works. Have tried other products but find this works well. Would recommend for heavy areas of moss

By John Lea

Not used at present, so difficult to give a good or bad review

By Alan Cooke

Haven't used it yet, waiting for suitable dry and warm weather to apply product.

By Kenneth Brown

MossClear Pro is an excellent moss killer and 5 litres will go a long way. Unfortunately, the user guide on the 5-litre container states that once opened the product should be used within three months. This is certainly not made clear from the SmartSeal website and can lead to a lot of waste unless its usage can be planned out from the start. The roof on my semi only required two litres of product and am not sure how active the product will be for next years application.

By Robert Kitching From Epsom

Very good, diluted as instructed, very clever, within 7 days the dirt, algae and moss just lifted without any need for further cleaning. Simple and effective.

By Simon Eastwood From Simon - Milton Keynes

I used Smartseal Moss Clear Pro and the Smartseal Coloured Roof Seal and couldn't be happier with the results. Its like we have a new roof!!!

By Michael McAlinden From Bangor

Moss clear pro fantastic product does what it says on the tin as us English people say.

By Sean O'Callaghan From Lincolnshire

i used this product i bought 25 liters costing a fortune a 100 sprayer used it same as all the cheap moss clearer used in the past but unlike the cheap stuff this done nothing at all never made any difference. i had to do it all again wasting so much of it and again it done nothing the moss seems to be the worst its ever been covering the whole of my 200 ft drive i can include pics if anyone wants to see them if i am allowd

By karen hutchings From somerset

The product moss killer arrived very quickly. I have not had a chance to use it yet but, when I have and have seen the results, I will submit a review at that time.

By Richard Saunders From Crowborough

Seems OK so far, defo very potent


Smartseal is a excellent product & killed all my moss on my tarmac drive.

By David Parker

Found that this treatment was not effectice on moss (on tarmac) that had died and gone brown. Had to be scraped off.

By Roger Higgins From Bristol

really perfect at clearing all moss,i could not be more pleased.

By Stewart Bertie

Great , did the job I ordered it for. Would order from this company again. Slight hiccup with delivery due to this virus, but expected that Would recommend the Moss Killer liquid.

By Patricia Walmsley From Out Rawcliffe

I have used many Smartseal products for a few years and they are excellent at what they do. The firm is always helpful with technical enquiries and the delivery is sound. The Moss Clear is great on roofs and the natural stone sealer gives a great finish. You can really see the difference and it lasts for a few years. Good stuff

By Donald Johnston

Absolutely fantastic product. I found the product due to looking of the internet.....and I'm pleased I did. I now wont use anything else to remove moss and keep it at bay. It really is a great product, easy to apply and does the job.....couldn't ask for anything better. Highly recommend it if you are looking for moss killer that is effective

By Steve Edwards

great product for treating moss, done a few roofs now and customers happy, along with the scrappers and brushes you can get roof looking very clean.

By Andrew Moffat From Andrew

Moss Clear- Does what it says on the bottle.

By Peter Sellors

We were plagued by moss on our three year old tarmac drive and had tried pressure washing with poor results. So we thought we'd try chemical treatment and found Moss clear online at Smartseal. Delivery was pretty quick. I have to say that it is now eight bone dry days since we applied it diluted 1 to 4 with water using a stiff yard brush and it definitely looks like it has worked. Many of the previously green patches have now turned brown while others less populated look completely clear. I'm waiting for the expected rain to clean the residue but if we get none soon I'll get the washer on it again. I'm very happy with the result.

By Terry Kirkup From Newcastle upon Tyne

The moss clear pro worked well except for the blacker areas on monoblock. But they have faded so it may be too soon to tell if fully successful. Will buy again.

By A Benson

Killed the heavy Moss on my house roof after two applications. I was unable to remove the surface moss first. I am happy with the result and I used concentrations of 4:1 water/concentrate.

By William Hacking

The moss killer worked as described, my drive is almost good as new

By Tom Brown

Excellent product and excellent service from all at smartseal.

By Barry Snow

Seems a very good product although time will tell. I did srap off the bulk of the moss before the Moss Clear Pro was applied. Haven't got any photos though as forgot to take some before. It will be interesting to compare as used another product on two other houses in the same cul-de-sac about 4 years ago and both of those roofs still really stand out from the rest so i am hoping this one will be the same.

By Graham BURGE

Very happy with this. My patio was starting to take on a green tint but after one application of this the moss was 99% gone - I just need one more go in the slightly heavier areas.

By Tony Everett From Oxford

followed instructions broke down moss very effectively

By Nigel Peters

Customers happy, I am happy, great products, great results, and fantastic support from a company that cares. Thankyou

By Mark Clark From Allprocleans

Great product. Worked on most of the moss on our drive but as it's a big drive we missed a few spots :D

By Barbara C From Berkshire

Best on the market for clearing green algae and moss from roofs. Tried others, but this product is the one i come back to. More expensive on the face of it, but if you do the sums properly, the � per litre actually works out cheaper than other products on the market that have less active ingredients. Just saying!

By Mark Murray

It's early days but on first application the other day I can see the moss on my driveway changing colour as it dies. Assuming that continues my star rating will go up to a 5.

By Douglas Wilson From Glasgow

only used the product as a preventive so far so still waiting for the results.

By John Flower

Excellent product and works exactly as described. Roughing up the surface was the hardest part! Highly recommended.



By Rosemary Kefford

Very happy with the result

By Robert Slinn

Brilliant product. Does what it says on the can. Had a heavy amount of moss on the slate roof. This started to show signs of dying just 12 hrs after spraying.

By Gary Quest From Devon

Used Moss Clear Pro on my Indian stone driveway to clear the green algae that was forming and making it look unsightly. Used it with a 5 to 1 mix with a pressure sprayer, very easy to apply and within a matter of a day the green algae had gone and the drive looked like new again. Would definitely recommend this product,not cheap but does the job effortlessly.

By David Richardson

Arrived promptly, reasonable price. Unable to use until the weather improves.

By Richard Boulton
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Powerful Organic Growth Killer for Driveways, Patios and Roofs

Concentrated green growth killer to kill green growth, algae, fungi, mould, mildew and lichen on external hard surfaces.

GREEN CLEAR PRO is a highly effective microbiological biocide that will break down and kill organic growth quickly. It will also swiftly erase and prevent regrowth of mould, algae and mildew which are potential health hazards.


  • Apply to dry surface by watering can or sprayer in temps between 8-20° degrees
  • Do not spray if rain is expected within 24hrs of application
  • Application ratios 1:10 or 1:5 for areas of heavy contamination
  • As a preventative, use at approx 1:20 ratio applying once or twice yearly
  • 5 litres will treat 100 - 125m² when diluted 1: 5 and 150 - 250m² when diluted 1:10

Green Clear Pro works to kill unwanted organic growth on most external surfaces such as driveways, patios and roofs. Regarded by professionals as the best organic matter killer for tarmac and asphalt driveways. It is a stronger formulation that Green Clear which is frequently used by homeowners for DIY purposes.

It is a very effective roof green growth remover and is used extensively for roof cleaning throughout the UK and Ireland. Can also be used to inhibit green and organic growth on roofs, driveways and patios.



Shake container well before opening. Add Green Clear Pro to water in container to avoid excessive foaming and mix well before application. If applying to heavy growth, brush before treatment. For best results it is vital to ensure thorough saturation.

A second application is recommended to remove highly resistant organic matter & lichen as well as dormant spores. This will also help to delay any re-growth. To maintain a problem free surface, re-apply at least once a year. Use a brush and hose to agitate and remove dead spores.

Can be used all year round to eradicate or prevent organic growth.

Does not contain bleach or acid.


To download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) click above under the Add to Basket button