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Roof Coating and Roof Paint from Smartseal has passed the most rigorous tests for roof paints and roof coatings currently available in the UK. In weather enhanced testing procedues the coating passed all aspects of possible deterioration (see technical data for details and test results)

Our Roof Paint and Roof Coating is manufactured using only the highest quality acrylics and liquid pigments. Smartseal Roof Paint is easily applied using a airless sprayer, allows easy cutting in to borders and easy cleaning of equipment at the end of the jpb. For best results thin down 1st coat to allow maximum penetration into the roof tile and apply 2nd coat neat.

Our clear roof sealer has been awarded the prestigious BBA certificate and has passed BS EN1504-2 testing standards. Smartseal roof sealer is a solvent free eco friendly sealing product that soaks into porous roof tiles, sealing the voids. The BS EN1504-2 tests indicate a lifespan of 10+ years before re-application should be considered.

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