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By Neil RobertsFROM Brighouse

Excellent poduct, beautiful finish with the concrete sealer

By Glenn Smithers

The concrete dustproofer and sealer (green lid) does exactly what is says on the tin, even on a 25 year old garage floor. Highly recommend this product. The sales support team were extremely helpful too.

By Jeanette SutcliffeFROM Stockton-on-Tees

The service l received from this company was exceptional. Ricky was patient, understanding and talked me through everything l needed to know. The products have just arrived so hopefully it will be an easy process to follow, with the help of the videos and Ricky's step by step email. Excellent service. Ricky is a credit to your team.

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Concrete Dustproofer Sealer (Solvent Based)

(5 & 25L) External Use Only (unless well ventilated) Solvent-based concrete dustproofer. A concrete floor sealer, garage floor sealer and sealer for power floated concrete floors.

Visa Electron
Categories: Concrete Sealer
Product Description

Solvent Based Concrete Dustproofer for External use

Seals concrete areas where dust is causing issues

Thinned-down version of our standard Concrete Sealer, allowing further penetration into surface giving added dustproofing qualities, especially on power-floated concrete floors.

The concrete sealer works as a concrete floor sealer, garage floor sealer and as a sealer for power floated concrete floors. Prior to application, the surface of the concrete floor or wall should be dry to ensure the concrete sealer penetrates into the surface.

The solvent based concrete dustproofer will certainly help prevent concrete dusting on newly laid concrete floors or walls. The dust proofer eliminates potentially harmful concrete dust from work areas.



Pressure clean or sweep concrete to remove any dirt or debris. Make sure the surface is totally dry prior to application. Smartseal Concrete Sealer is best applied with a sprayer unit or roller, keeping sprayer head moving to avoid pooling. The first application must be applied to the surface and allowed to dry past tacky prior to applying the second coat. Avoid application in strong, direct sunlight - do not apply if rain is likely within 3 hours of application.

Application ratios:

4 - 6m² per litre, per coat

Please note:

Deicing salts should not be applied directly onto any concrete sealer. Salt chemically reduces the temperature at which water freezes and will result in water ingress into the concrete. Subsequent freezing may result in the concrete ‘seal’ being broken by the expansion of water as it freezes and white ‘pitted’ areas may become visible.

Technical & Test Data

Smartseal Concrete Sealer has been tested by the TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and certified that it meets the SRV (Skid Resistance Value) for all categories of paving for local authority pedestrian areas and when heavily trafficked is suitable for special applications where risks of skidding are high as laid down in the UK Highway Authorities Tender Specification. Copies available on request.

Health & Safety

Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated. Wear respirator when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 42°C (Abel-Closed Cup). Refer to the Health & Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Product FAQs

Q: Hi. How much of this product would I need for a standard garage floor? Thanks


A: Hi Pam It all depends on the surface size, this product covers 4 - 6m² per litre, per coat. I recommend measuring the surface and using these ratios to work out the amount needed.

Response from Josh

Q: I have an outdoor concrete patio which is currently unsealed, meaning dust travels inside when it’s walked on. Is this the best product for this? What should be used for cleaning the patio first?

Jamiee Smith

A: As it is outside, I would suggest using the solvent based concrete sealer and dustproofer. The xtreme patio cleaner would be the best product for cleaning the patio prior to sealing.

Response from Nick

Q: I need to reseal my driveway around 50 square meters the colour is also fading to do the right job what product will I need to use

John Cordwell

A: it would be best to get in touch with our technical team online or over the phone who will best be able to advise you.

Response from Ricky
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