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Patio ColourSeal - DARK GREY (Sample & 5L)
Sample Available
Product Reviews
By Diane

Colourseal dark grey - great product easy to apply and lasts brilliantly. Does not wear off on high traffic areas. Have just purchased for the second time and now my neighbours have also purchased

By Craig Emery

Did exactly what I expected it to do. Very fast delivery and excellent support customer service. My customer decided against smart seal as a solution to poor quality supplied pavers and instead Im having to replace whole patio.

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Patio ColourSeal - DARK GREY (Sample & 5L)

Transform, Re-Colour & Restore Old Concrete Paving Slabs, SAVE £000's on Replacement, Easy To Apply, Durable Sealer . Restore or change the appearance of a tired-looking paved area. Long term protection.

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Product Description

A ready to apply pigmented patio sealer suitable for application on most types of concrete paved surfaces. Patio Colour Seal can transform the look and appearance of a tired-looking paved area and make it look new. This DIY friendly product is superior to inexpensive concrete paints and is very easy to apply by roller or brush. Prior to application, all surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly and given sufficient time to dry out completely. After two coats have been applied the transformation should be complete.

Patio Colour Seal can be used to refresh the existing colour of old concrete paving or change it completely to a new colour if necessary. Average coverage is approximately 4mē per litre 1st coat (dependent on the surface) and approximately 5mē 2nd coat. If required, an anti-slip additive can be mixed in with the sealer on the final coat if required. There are various colour options and samples available to test if required.

  • Suitable for most paving slabs including precast concrete.
  • Not for use on imprinted or pressed concrete
  • Hard wearing.
  • Ready to apply straight from the tin.
  • Transforms the look of old concrete paving slabs.
  • Various colour options available.
  • DIY friendly.
  • Makes old paved areas look like new.
  • Samples available for purchase.

Product FAQs

Q: Will this cover slabs with marks that will not jet wash off

Tina Stockton

A: As discussed on the phone, patio colourseal should be able to disguise any stains or marks on the patio slabs you have had laid. I would suggest trying a sample first and testing in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the product meets your expectations.

Response from Nick

Q: I bought Patio ColourSeal but then read it is not for natural stone. Do you do a similar product for natural stone?

Jeff Jackson

A: We would suggest doing a test area. As long as the natural stone is porous enough for the coloured patio sealer to adhere, and the stone has not been sealed before, it should work ok, Hope that helps.

Response from Ricky

Q: Will I need two coats when painting paving slabs .


A: Two coats of the coloured patio sealer are always recommended

Response from George
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