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Roof Sealer

Roof Sealer

Smartseal Roof Sealers have been developed to help combat the ever increasing problems associated with moss, algae and lichen growth on concrete and clay roof tiles. They are specially formulated to enhance the original colouring and aesthetic appearance of new or older roof tiles.

Smartseal supply impregnating roof sealers that are suitable for both clay and concrete roof tiles. This type of roof sealer is a non-solvent sealer and supplied in a matt finish or colour enhancing version with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee. This type of roof sealer is a one coat application and designed to fill any microscopic voids in the roof substrate, making the surface non-permeable but still 'breathable' allowing moisture to escape.

Our solvent based roof sealers are classified as 'topical' sealers. These roof sealers are normally a two coat application and should be applied in dry conditions to avoid any moisture reaction with the solvents.