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By Charles Fry

Excellent product,wood sealer easy to apply. Dries quickly allowing the second coat to be applied within the recommended time. it did alter (darken) the colour of the wood but it does look s mart

By Anthony Boyd

Smartsealer wood sealer easy to apply .

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Wood Sealer - 10yr Protection

Easy to Apply.Clear Finish - STOPS ROTTING Highly Protective sheds, fences, garden furniture and decking.

Visa Electron
Categories: Wood Sealer
Product Description

Once applied, Smartseal wood sealer creates an invisible waterproof barrier that will help prevent the ingress of moisture on ingress on pressure treated softwoods such as fences, sheds, garden furniture and decking. The wood waterproofer is specially formulated to protect your outdoor wooden surfaces for up to 10 years. The water-resistant surface will also inhibit the growth and spread of mould and algae which is a big problem with softwoods, especially in shaded north-facing areas of locations with high levels of rainfall. 

  • 10 year Protection
  • Wood Waterproofer 
  • Average coverage ratio: 3 - 5m per litre
  • External Use
  • Inhibits the Spread of Moss & Algae
  • Easy to Apply
  • Sprayable Formula
  • Clear Invisible Finish
  • Use on Sheds, Decking, Garden Furniture & Fencing
  • Cannot be painted over or used on top of paint, as they will prevent one another from adhering to the wood. 

To ensure the best results and prior to application, all wooden surfaces being treated should be thoroughly cleaned first.

  • Works on softwoods and hardwood.
  • Easy application by brush, sprayer or roller. Two coats are recommended.
  • Inhibits the growth of mould & algae.
  • Helps to prevent warping.
  • Invisible once dry and will not change the appearance of the wood.
  • 10+ years weatherproofing protection.
  • User friendly non-biocidal formulation.
  • Wood remains 'breathable' after application.

Directions for Use:


Apply only to dry surfaces above 8C with a surface temperature no higher than 23C and no rain forecast for at least 4 hours.

Apply 2 coats by sprayer, roller or brush with application of second coat within 4 hours.

Wear appropriate safety wear. 

Product FAQs

Q: Is the wood sealer water based, oil based or solvent based please

Paul Francis

A: The wood sealer is a water based product.

Response from Nigel

Q: Is the wood sealer water based, oil based or solvent based please

Paul Francis

A: The wood sealer is a solvent free and oil free formulation. Please see SDS sheet next to product for further information. Hope that helps.

Response from Rick

Q: Can this be used on to of a decking stain

Moira Crilly

A: We would suggest trying a sample 1st. Possibly the sealer will not be able to penetrate or adhere to the stain correctly. This will be dictated by age, condition and type of wood. Hope that helps.

Response from George
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