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By Nigel CourseFROM Stapleford Nottingham

Great professional sealer sprayer, efficient effective and makes light work of larger areas. A large thumbs up from me ?

By Alan Weller

Great sprayer you get what you pay for worth it in the end. Well pleased

By Martin woodFROM Premier power cleaning, chesterfield

I have been using Gloria sprayers for best part of 10 years, they are an absolute must have for applying resin sealers to driveways, you can easily cover 50 square metres inside 15 minutes, I regularly cover areas in excess of 500 square metres so a reliable bit of kit is essential, just make sure you clean it thru with xylene after every use, you will have a friend for years

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Gloria 410t Chemical Resistant Sealer Sprayer

Galvanised steel sprayer with chemical resistant viton seals

£208.29(ex VAT)
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Product Description

Gloria 410t Professional Sealer Sprayer with Viton Seals

Professional block paving sealer sprayer for solvent based sealers

Product Features

The Gloria 400 series is a next generation design of the traditional Gloria steel sprayers. This block paving sealer sprayer has a 10 Litre capacity and is Galvanised Steel, with Viton seals.

Externally, the redesigned filler funnel incorporates a compartment to store spare tips, filters and O rings and a filter to minimise the risk of contamination when recharging the sprayer. The shoulder carry straps are a new design to provide for extra comfort in use and the pump handle is a comfortable ergonomic design.

Technical improvements include the Galvanised Steel tanks being finished with a special long life inner coating, a combined pressure release and high pressure safety valve and a redesigned foot-valve on the pump assembly.




Ideal for application of sprayable curing compounds, form release agents, sealers and many semi-transparent stains. These top-quality  block paving sealer sprayers were built to provide top performance under hard, construction conditions, and can also be used for most other professional spray applications.

Gloria's thick Endurall epoxy coating is baked on inside and out over galvanized steel for double the corrosion resistance. Viton Inner-Seal opening - easy to fill, empty and clean; pressure seals opening tight from within; built-in pressure release valve. Long, quick-pumping heavy-duty brass pump cylinder. Off-set pump stays inside tank...helps keep dirt out because pump isn't placed on ground when filling

Product FAQs

Q: After use what do you use to clean the sprayer

William Myner

A: It would depend on what you're trying to clean from the sprayer. If it's any of our cleaners or solvent free sealers, you can clean out with warm soapy water. If it's any of the solvent product, you would need to use our Application Tools Cleaning Fluid.

Response from Ricky

Q: After use what do you use to clean the sprayer

William Myner

A: If you are using a solvent based sealer, then you would normally use our xylene based tools cleaning fluid to clean out the sprayer after use. If you are spraying a non-solvent, then warm water on its own should suffice.

Response from
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