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10" Imprinted SEALING BROOM. After Use DO NOT try to clean. Simply SOAK IN SEALER to soften before re-use.

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10" Imprinted  SEALING BROOM. After Use DO NOT try to clean. Simply SOAK IN SEALER to soften before re-use.
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The sealing broom is definitely worth buying as it makes the job easier although it did shed a few bristles along the way despite following the instructions.

By Yvonne Oatley

Superb products and service

By Ion K

The sealing broom is an excellent size and shape to get into the grooves of my driveway. Great purchase.

By Brian Gallagher

I found this broom to be quite stiff (not soft) and quite a few bristles came off when I applied the sealant.

By Zahid Ghufoor From Norbury

The broom was ok but after seeing a recent review I rubbed the bristles with another brush to remove lots of loose bristles which would end up stuck to the drive

By Raymond Wooldridge From Basingstoke

When you buy a new broom it is essential that loose bristles are rubbed off before use. The broom will shed a ton of bristles and you will probably think that it will never stop shedding and you will end up with a bald broom in the end. However, it will stop shedding eventually, but be prepared to lose some bristles during the job. Im sure Smartseal could source a different broom that would perform better when new. Personally, I far prefer to use a roller to apply the sealant, but I do feel that the repair fluid needs the aggression of a bristle brush to work into the existing sealant. Be careful when using a roller though, because if it is a soft fluffy one, then going back over tacky sealant can just pull all the fluff off the roller and cause a right mess. A sponge roller might be better, but make sure the sponge doesnt dissolve in the sealer or repair fluid.

By Kimlee Thompson

The sealing broom is perfect for the job.

By Brenda Lockett From Poulton

Must have been unlucky. Used the brush to apply patterned imprinted concrete sealant and now got loads of bristles all over drive from where they were shed by the brush. Removed as many as I could but have been left with quite a number now sealed in the coating. Id advise checking the bristle shedding prior to use which I never did. I ended up using a masonry paint roller to apply.

By Russ Wood From Worksop

Great little brush, perfect for the job - well worth the money.

By Nigel Higgins

Brush stood up to the whole job two coats of sealer. Hard bristles now but I understand they will soften next time you use sealer so will hold on to it.

By Rosemary Johnstone

Sorry I have not used the products yet . Will advise after use.

By Keith Arnold

Makes application of the sealant easy, but continued to shed loose bristles after several coats, despite spending some time before starting trying to remove any loose ones. Bristles go hard after each coat but soften again when soaked in sealant before applying the next coat of sealer.

By Stephen Herrick

Excellent product, three coats of sealer on a desperate drive way not touched for 13 years , did the job perfect

By Allan Hill From West Yorkshire

Very pleased, the sealing broom saved a lot of hard work

By Scott Godwin

Very good but the handle is too short and I am not the tallest!

By Howard Lowe

Bought to aid the coverage of sealer on my patio. Worked very well, although a few brush hairs were left, after 2 coats. You have to be very careful to avoid pooling, as the sealer solidifies as a white solid lump !!! I had to rectify a couple of areas and re apply.

By Paul Donovan

as described good quality broom fits in the can perfect for applying the sealer.

By Darren Milkins

Very dense bristles which is great for the job However you need to spend a great deal of time removing loose hairs.

By Gary J From Essex

Perfect brush to apply sealer ,fits perfect into drums of sealer , easy to use , good price , used it day after to apply 2 Nd coat did perfect job , some people use roller but I preferred brush , thanks smartseal my finished job looks fantastic , saved fortune doing it myself , perfect products for perfect job , defnitley recommend smartseal

By Barbara Mccairns From Stockton. On. Tees

Perfect for the job. Really does soften up again when put back in the sealer.

By David Price

Good quality brush

By RICHARD CHILDS From Hoddesdon

The ideal tool to complete the job

By Malcolm Gibson From Co.Durham

Like all smart seal products everything worked out blue brush fitted perfectly into container and applied smoothly and easily

By Jeffrey Ross

Fits nicely in the 25L drum. Good that it can be used again.

By Pam Harding

Perfect for the job.

By Susan Morgan From Caerphilly

Ideal for the job. Spreads the product easily. Prompt delivery.

By Linda Downing

Excellent brush for spreading the sealant.

By Peter Gilmore

Previously I have sprayed the sealant but found the overspray killed the grass but using the sealing brush, whilst much heavier work was more accurate and generous indeed I doubt think I will need to do a second coat. Well pleased.

By Keith Sutton

The only fault with the sealing broom is the flimsy handle. Previous brooms I have purchased were far more robust. Having said that it did the job

By Michael Mosley

Great sealing brush and no need to worry about it going stiff, pop it back in the sealer and it's soft again

By Paul Byrne

Excellent brush. Perfect for my drive.

By Peter Gilmore From Ellesmere Port

I purchased this product on the basis that is for use for applying the sealer. This product is terrible and not fit for purpose. It has shed its bristles as it was used for applying the sealer.SMARTSEAL RESPONSE- We apologised to our customer, we believe the broom was faulty,we refunded him in full and are looking to solve this issue with our supplier.

By Roland Potts

The broom made a very easy job of applying the sealer. The ability to be able to use it again and again is absolutely marvellous.

By Alasdair Hutcheson

As I was only sealing quite a small area I found the brush soaked up too much of the sealant, I only had a 5 litre can, so I used a 4" paint brush instead. On a larger project the brush would be ideal.

By Christine Webster

Fits in the drum perfectly , removed the loose bristles before use , did the job perfectly.

By Tracey Fraser

Did the job!

By Rob Hetherington From Bristol

Recently purchased with our main order. Arrived in no time at all which was fantastic. Fits perfectly within the drum, solid hand and broom head. Only criticism regarding broom, no matter how much you prep the broom head, it�s inevitably going to have a few loose bristles, bit irritating especially when your OCD kicks in, but on the plus side it�s been well used now, ready for the next project ✅

By Mark From MBR Northwest

Does the job but a lot of hairs came out

By Harjinder Johal

Using the broom gives lots of control in applying the sealant. As the application is a twenty year old imprinted concrete drive it let me control the density in areas of differing original colour.

By Alan Harley

Perfect for fitting in sealer container and spreads well

By Keith Herriman

Does the job, great delivery with no problem

By Lynne Cole

Hairs coming out in clumps. Had problem with broom but Smart Seal were excellent in response,with instant refund.

By Shaun Burke

The best solution for sealing a concrete imprint drive

By David Jones

A perfect fit for the tin of sealant. Tended to lose bristles at first and then it was fine. Would recommend this product to everyone.

By JOYCE JOHNSON From Staffordshire

Did the job, however it did lose some bristles during aplication of sealer.

By Alex McDonald

Good sturdy product, job done

By Darren Spooner

Bristles stay in quite well, but handle had to be altered to make it fit.

By Peter Fox


By Keith Wakefield

Very good at applying the sealant evenly over the drive. I should have taken a bit longer to get loose bristles out before starting though as some did find their way onto the drive.Will keep for next application in a few years.

By Nigel Birchenough

Fits perfectly into drum good product

By Keil Patterson

Perfect for the job, inexpensive but of good quality and will last for a few more treatments yet!

By Rob Pitman From Oxford

Fine easy to use and to spread the seal

By Brian Cosgrove

Very useful, I know I could have purchased it elsewhere but to buy everything together was more convenient for me.tyvm.

By Susan Henson From Hucknall, Nottingham

Made the job easy, perfect

By Steven Abraham

Used with the sealant.Even came back soft after waiting for the first coat to dry.


The sealing broom is a handy little tool,especially if you have a cobbled pattern concrete,for rubbing sealer into the grooves.

By Paul Rayworth

Excellent company to deal with, product does what is says on the tin !


Did the job very well. I would be interested to know if a roller would be better?. Our drive is pattern imprinted concrete.

By Susan Bevan

Great Broom ideal for applying sealant 5 stars

By Steven Else From Nottingham

Ideal brush for the job this is my 2nd brush the 1st one I made the mistake storing it with the bristles resting on the floor causing the bristles to flatten after use so now storing with the bristles off the ground and it worked perfectly the 2nd coat still as good as new

By Brian From Glasgow

Good size and made the application muck quicker than expected. Only fault was bristles coming loose!

By Edward From Belfast

So glad I invested in this broom. It really made the application so much easier. The bristles are so soft enabling a smooth and even coverage.

By Martin From Southampton

Worth the small cost to make the job easy.

By Jeff From Abingdon

Does the job although a bit of a shame to throw away at the end of application (I didn't buy any cleaner). Had to put a screw in the head to keep handle on as a scrubbing motion is required rather than sweepIng

By David From Kent

I have used these before and they did a cracking job so although I haven't started the drives yet, I know they will be great.

By Ron From Aberdeen

Very useful, perfect for the job and fits the tin perfectly

By Richard From Shrewsbury

Great size for the tin. Good value.

By Lesley Hunter From Edinburgh

Used a roller previously. Much prefer the room.

By JohnM From Northwich

top quality service from Nigel, quotation right through to application. The product is simple to apply and has provided a finished product exactly as Nigel suggested it would. I didn't think the drive would look so good after 10 years plus with zero maintenance and all the original colour worn from some areas. Best advice is make sure you pull all loose bristles from broom before use and do not apply in direct sunlight it will blister.

By Neil From manchester

Works really well with sealer.

By Pauline dean From Stoke

Need to work broom on concrete prior to use to remove loose bristles. Found it covered area very quickly. Only issue need to go over area with brush to remove excess sealer in certain areas.

By Steve Dodsworth From Yorkshire

Brilliant for the job, fits in the tin. Removed all loose bristles before use, only a few came out while using but easy to pick up.

By Steve From Ellesmere Port

Delivered within a day. My only criticism would be the number of bristles which came out when using the brush, which I found to be a real nuisance.

By Roy Morter From Derbyshire

Pleased that we purchased this broom as it made applying the sealant very easy and the job was completed in no time.

By Pam From Kent

As others say, need quite a lot of shaking to remove initial loose bristles. Is really only a stiff yardbrush witha short head to fit in the bucket. Could have used my old one if I had cut it down - but the dried sealant on the brush would have rendered it useless for normal use so would have had to buy a replacement anyway.

By John From Norfolk

Certainly well wrapped for delivery, it took ages to get the packaging off! The handle was too large for the brush head and didn't fit, but luckily I had a spare handle in my shed that fitted. Initial bristle loss, but after that, it worked well and did the job.

By Andrew From Doncaster South Yorks

excellent product did a good job!

By john hillier From np25 3hr

Spend time removing the loose bristles prior to use. Fits drum and makes applying the sealant very easy leaving a nice finish.

By Chris From Swansea

Loose bristles were a minor irritation, and I did leave some puddles, but I used a very coarse roller for last two coats which worked well.

By Rod R From Berkshire

Strong and robust. Makes the application of the sealer quick and easy. Watch for any loose bristles. A great finish to the sealer.

By william harrison From Blackpool

Same as person before few Brussels off but did the job

By Ray From Swindon

Ideal for the job, no problems

By Howard Marshall From York

After an initial shedding of a few bristles it worked just fine. Just the job. The only problem I had was removing the shrink wrap packaging!

By Bill Wilkinson From Somerset

Reasonable product but does have a tendancy to looseits bristles easily which remain embedded in the sealer

By Mike Pearson From Preston, Lancashire

Fitted in the barrel perfectly. Just remember to get of the loose bristles. Perfect for the job

By ANdy From Kings lynn

Loose bristles at first, but when worn in did good job.

By Lyndon Hall From Rotherham

Made sealing drive much easier and speedier but ensure loose fibres are removed first though even then had the odd one on the sealer but most brushes suffer from this.

By Richard From Pembrokeshire

A good way of applying the sealant but be vigilant with getting rid of loose bristles carefully before you start. Advice which is reflected in most comments already. Results were very good.

By Chris Cooke From Southampton

The broom has made the application of Smartseal faultless

By Tony Carter From Swindon

Broom was just right size to fit in sealant drum. Get shot of the loose hairs first then perfect job

By Mr T M Horton From Swansea

Excellent product and fast delivery

By Maureen put From kent

Did the job Suggest "FinerHair" Might bean improvement?

By JBC From Ashford

5 i should have read the reviews before using the brush and got rid of any loose bristles. Other than that it did the job well enough.

By John Affleck From Consett

excellent broom for applying sealers strong and robust

By tim heapy From tidydrive derby

Easy to use... you must check it for any loose bristles before using it. Very please with the finish.

By keith bennett From worthing

Light and easy to use, make sure loose bristles are removed before usage.

By mary From worc's

the sealing broom worked a treat.

By john davis From midllesbrough

It's a Broom what can I say it put the sealer on just fine, watch you dont put to much on and scrub to hard as it will leave bubbles, second coat sorted that out though.

By D Meehan From West Lothian

I know a broom is a broom, but make sure you do as instructed if using to put on your sealer, get all the loose bristles off before you start. Did a great job with this product.

By Graham From Chesterfield
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Imprinted Concrete Sealing Broom for Driveways and Patios

10" soft broom for sealing pattern imprinted concrete (supplied with handle). Allows application of sealer directly from drum.

Prior to use pull on broom hairs and work over hard surface to remove any loose ones.

Can be re-used at anytime in future, allow to dry naturally, broom hairs will harden once dry.

Prior to re-use submerge in sealer for 10 minutes, hairs will soften, allowing re-usage.

*See technical section below for full instructions and tips prior to use.



Once purchased, you will only require one sealing broom, but 1st time it is used, often like any natural hair broom, it will shed hair.

Application by plastic hair broom or roller is not advised, use of roller will tend to leave excess sealer in the joints, which can create problems.

Please follow instructions below prior to use.

1. Prior to using rub broom head on abrasive surface and pull out loose hairs.

2. During use, if you are using Colour Tint or Anti Slip Additive, stir reguarly and let broom 'hit' bottom of drum, to keep additives suspended.

3. After use, do not attempt to clean broom, just leave to dry.

4. When you are ready to use broom again, whether it is 1 day, 3 months or 5 years, just leave immersed in sealer for 5 minutes, it will soften up again and be ready for use.

It is that simple, the broom works great for applying imprinted concrete sealer, enabling you to use the product sparingly and not leaving any excess in the joints.

In summary, your sealing broom will literally last forever, you just need to get rid of any loose hairs, prior to use. If a few hairs still get stuck in the surface, do not worry, they will soon be released as the initial 'tackiness' of the sealer diminishes.