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By John Prescott

Great product good quality sprayer that will last for years .

By John Prescott

Excellent product the sprayer is easy to use..

By Andrew Hale

Good filling neck and a great trigger that allows enough comfort to be able to complete bigger jobs. These features seem to be the key difference from the garden sprayers that are available at half the price.

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'Selecta 7' Sprayer (5L) NOT For Solvent Use

IDEAL for NATURAL STONE Sealers and CLEANING & Green Growth Removal Products) NOT for use with SOLVENT based sealers, supplied with a PVC trigger handle and spray lance

Visa Electron
Product Description

An ideal cost-effective solution to spraying our natural stone sealers, cleaning products and green / organic growth treatments.

Selecta 7 - has a 5 Litre working capacity (7 litre overall capacity) and is supplied with a PVC trigger handle and spray lance.

Product FAQs

Q: I have purchased the extreme block driveway cleaner from yourselves Can I use this sprayer with that product Thank you

Chris Oliver

A: Yes, the Xtreme block paving cleaner can be applied with your Selecta Sprayer

Response from Alex

Q: Hi, how long is the spray wand? Thanks.

Neil Roberts

A: The lance is approximately 600mm long

Response from Alex

Q: Will this be able to spray concrete sealant?


A: This sprayer is suitable for only spraying solvent free 'premium' concrete sealer . It is not suitable for the concrete dustproofer or concrete floor sealer or solvent based concrete sealer. This is due to either the chemicals in the sealer or the viscosity. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel
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