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By Anna S

The driveway cleaner product does a job. Happy with a purchase.

By Steven Groves

The big question is; does this expensive product actually work? Well, I have been cleaning drives longer than most and can say, without fear of contradiction; yes!! Be careful though. In my humble but professional opinion, don't spray this cleaner. Mix it 1:1 with water and CAREFULLY put it onto drive, bricks, tarmac, etc, using a watering-can. Leave it at least 2-3 hours and carefully wash off. Remember; this product is chlorine based and will kill most organic life. Great product if a tad dear.

By David Smiley

The cleaner did exactly what it said on the tin, it worked for me and cleaned my Tarmac ready for tarmaseal to be applied.

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Driveway Cleaner for Concrete, Natural Stone, Block Paving & Tarmac - 1 Litre

Environmentally Friendly, Non Toxic, Pre-treatment to Remove Dirt & Grime Quickly From Driveways. Applied by watering can or sprayer, safe & easy to use

Visa Electron
Product Description

Remove Dirt and Stains from Driveways 

Effective driveway cleaner and block paving cleaner for best results when pressure washing driveways.

Dilute at a ratio of approx 1 to 4 or 1 to 5 to create 4 to 5 litres of cleaning fluid (which will cover approx 25 mē of paving)

Dampen surface, then apply product by either sprayer or watering can. For best results, once applied, work into surface with a stiff broom and leave for 20 minutes, then clean surface normally with pressure washer. 


  • Fast acting biological degreaser
  • Biologically accelerates the degradation of oil and general stains
  • Converts oil into harmless CO2 and water
  • Contains Euro Type 1 bacteria non-pathogenic and harmless to humans
  • Not flammable, combustible or corrosive
  • Will not contribute to surface erosion
  • Fully biodegradable: > 90% in 28 days
  • For Oil Removal use at 4% dilution
  • Not classified as hazardous at recommended dilutions

A driveway cleaner that will quickly remove dirt and grime from block paving, concrete, tarmac & natural stone 

Product FAQs

Q: Can I use Driveway Cleaner to clean a Indian stone Patio?


A: Yes you can, this product is a very intensive degergent, it is very good at cleaning, but will not kill off white or black lichens or algae. If this is required, you would need our Patio Xtreme Cleaner. Hope that helps.

Response from Nigel

Q: Can you use the patio cleaner on resin driveways? Thanks

Ray Rafferty

A: We would recommend our 'Green Clear' for use on resin drives. This can be applied and left. It will kill off any green or black algae forming on the surface, without risk of harming the resin driveway. Hope that helps. Nigel@Smartseal

Response from Nigel

Q: Can this be used on concrete printed drive

Simon Callahan

A: Yes, the Driveway Cleaner is formulated ot be used on Imprinted Concrete and most other surfaces. It also contains no ingedients that would damage a sealed surface.

Response from Ricky
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