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Tarmaseal™ is a hard wearing acrylic specially formulated to provide a protective coating to tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Tarmaseal™ is suitable for both residential driveways and commercial tarmac surfaces such as car parks and tennis courts.

Tarmaseal™ acts as a tarmac restorer to tarmac surfaces that have dried out and lost colour over time. Tarmaseal™ has a paint like texture but goes beyond what a tarmac paint will do by replacing lost resins from the tarmac and restoring durability and flexibility to the surface.

Prior to application the surface of the tarmac should be dry and clean. Any repairs to cracks or pot-holes in the tarmac should be carried out before applying the tarmac restorer.

Tarmaseal™ tarmac restorer comes in 3 colours - Black, Red or Green and can be applied by roller or airless sprayer.