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Tarmac Restorer - RED - (Available in 5 & 20 litre)
Sample Available
Product Reviews
By Philip Bedford FROM Barnsley

This is my third time buying Tarmaseal which works wonders on making my tarmac driveway looking brand new, would recommend this product to anyone and also ,George the agent was very helpful and professional dealing with my order

By Grant Shilling

The tarmac restorer is a very good product. I found with the amount I had to cover over 50sq mtrs and the age of the tarmac I was restoring a roller initially wasn't up to the job, but using a soft broom worked really well. A roller will be used for the second coat to give a quality finish.

By Matthew GrahamFROM Ireland

I bought the Tarmac Restorer for our driveway that is over 30 years old and never seen sealer since it was put down. After prepping the driveway by removing loose stones and any moss it was time to apply. I think the pictures speak for themselves, I applied 3 coats since the drive and path were so bad! I went round the edges with a paintbrush first so I did not get any sealer on the walls or kerbs with the edge of the roller. It has made a fantastic change to the driveway and really makes it look like new. I can definitely highly recommend this Tarmac Restorer! And I will use it again when I need it. FYI I put it on in April 2020, and it still looks fantastic as of December 2021.

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Tarmac Restorer - RED - (Available in 5 & 20 litre)

(Sample, 5 & 20 L) High quality Tarmac sealer replaces lost resin & colour; easy to apply. Acrylic based product; designed to rejuvenate and transform tired tarmac

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Product Description

Red Tarmac Restorer

Restores and rejuvenates red tarmac driveways, car parks and paths

Smartseal Red Tarmac sealer is a superb easy to apply Tarmac restorer designed to rejuvenate and transform tired red tarmac. Tarmaseal is far superior to a tarmac paint and offers a cost effective alternative to replacement of driveway. For more detailed information visit our dedicated Tarmac Paint website.

  • Transform the appearance of any existing red Tarmac driveway
  • Replaces lost resin from Tarmac, vastly superior to bitumen based tarmac paint
  • 20 litre drum, average coverage 40 to 60 sq metres
  • Easy to apply with roller
  • Re-creates original colour of red Tarmac
  • Avoids need for expensive replacement of asphalt 
  • Long term protection, reduces future Tarmac repair
  • Covers unsightly cement & oil stains or marks
  • Water based Tarmac Repair coating, environmentally friendly easy to apply product
  • 20 litre drum, average coverage 40 to 60 sq metres
  • Top up coats of red Tarmac sealer can be applied at any time
  • Reduces Tarmac stone loss and increases the life span of the Tarmac driveway's
  • Waterproofs, re-colours and protects Tarmac
  • Resists oil, grease and dirt stains
  • Resists fungicidal and algae growth


Ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer or jet washer. Allow a minimum of 3 to 4 clear, dry days before sealing. Before coating, sweep area and remove any loose stones. Make sure product is thoroughly mixed with no sediment present.


For best results apply 2 coats in temperatures above 12°C and below 22°C Only apply if no rain is forecast for at least 6 hours. 

Tarmaseal can be applied via a medium pile roller or large paint brush. Make sure a minimum of 2 to 4 hours is left between coats.

Health & Safety 

All work should be carried out with safety goggles, mask and gloves.

*Tarmaseal is primarily for rejuvenating the existing colour of tarmac and should not be used to change the existing colour.

Product FAQs

Q: My red tarmac drive is about 6 years old. We've recently had building works done and there is cement and other residue stains on the drive. Is this the right product after I've power washed it to bring back the colour and hide the stains?

Stephen Mason

A: It would be best to try and remove as much of the staining on the surface before applying the TarmaSeal. It will cover some stains, but the product could wear quicker in them areas if it hasn't taking properly to the tarmac.

Response from Ricky

Q: Hello, two small areas on my drive have been patched in black tarmac but the rest is red. Can I use this product to colour the new black tarmac patches to match the rest of the drive? Thank you

Alex Grundy

A: The TarmaSeal is a thick product, which will coat over the black tarmac. It may need some TLC from time to time to keep on top of the area.

Response from Christie

Q: How long can Tarmac Restorer be stored please?

P J Williams

A: We would recommend using within 12 months of delivery and within 6 months of opening date.

Response from Alex
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