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By Alan DAviesFROM Northumberland

Theres ample enough in the tub to do lots of crack repairs if necessary. Its probably geared up for concrete repairs but I only needed it for cracks. Make sure you order the correct colour.

By Frederick Rogers

I used this product to brush into repair small cracks in my driveway. It is important to carefully follow the instructions but the results are excellent and the cracks are now barely noticeable.

By Geoffrey Moss

Smartseal products and sealer have brought my 25 year old drive to looking almost new.

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Crack Repair Compound (3kg)

Repair cracks in concrete & tarmac with this fast-drying, super-strong dry concrete mix. Fast-drying super-strong dry concrete mix; forms a crack repair paste

Visa Electron
Categories: Crack Repair
Product Description



Repair cracks and holes in concrete and tarmac

A fast drying super strong dry concrete mix (supplied in 3kg) that can be mixed with water or sealer to form a crack repair paste.

For fine cracks the compound can be swept directly into the crack and water or sealer then added to seal the joint.

Available in red (select: deep red) or black (select: charcoal) for tarmac repairs plus all the colours featured on the colour chart below. An un-pigmented version is available for pattern imprinted concrete repairs.

For further information regarding this product please call 01268 722500 or visit our dedicated Repairing Potholes website.

Colour Chart

Product FAQs

Q: Hi filled a hole with crack repair and still not set after 24Hrs.

stephen alker

A: The repair compound should be used when it is mixed to a 'dough' 'putty' like consistency. In colder temperatures it will take longer to harden, also if it is of a runnier consistency. Hope that helps.

Response from George

Q: Hi, I ordered slate grey sealant for imprinted concrete. I mistakenly ordered sandstone buff crack repair. Can I paint the over this with grey sealant to colour same as slate grey?

David Harker

A: Just so we give you the best advice, It would be best to get in touch with our technical team online or over the phone so they can best advise you on the Crack Repair Compound.

Response from Sophie

Q: does this work on larger holes around deep cobbles that have come loose


A: The Crack Repair compound would do, but there comes a point where sand and cement would probably be better.

Response from Nigel
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