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'Safety Wear Pack' Vapour Mask (with filter), Gloves and Goggles

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I've given this 4 stars as the gloves were so big I had problems handling things! I'm a woman and my hands are smaller. Ha ha! But they all did the job.


Gloves great. mask very good kept the strong smell of cleaner away. Could not use goggles as I wear glasses and they 2 didn.t work together. Worth it all for the gloves and mask though.

By Damian Wells

not got round to using my product yet but will definitely wear the protection for other things as well nice purchase eh!

By David Clarke From Rotherham

I used the mask, I forgot to put it on when I started applying the second coat of sealant and noticed almost immediately as it makes such a difference. I might be a fool but I didn't use the gloves, I know I don't react to most things like this and I didn't react to this, instead having fun peeling the dried sealant off my hands when finished! I didn't where the goggles either although if I had poured the sealant into a bucket I would have worn them for that. But worth buying, the gloves and goggles will be useful for other jobs.

By Paul Sparks From Kent

Definitely need these items for protection. The mask helps tremendously to protect against the fumes and very strong smell of the product.

By Lynn Millerick

Product quality good and does the job.

By Alasdair Hutcheson

Good kit. Googles don't steam up and mask is very good.

By Anthony Oldershaw-Smith

You will need these items, plus a pair of wellies to apply the treatment. We were pleased with them.

By Mary Northeast

Good value for money.

By Peter Brizell From Chester

Gloves are a must but I only used the mask inside the garage as it was uncomfortable.

By Stephen Clarke

By Philip Steeley

This product fits the bill and was good value for money.

By Anthony Pollock From Barnsley

Fair value, but mask is not that comfortable to wear.

By Peter Fox

Excellent value and delivery.

By William Duggan

Excellent delivery and good value for money.

By Roger Elsworth

Very good that we could purchase the safety wear as one order.

By Susan Henson From Hucknall, Nottingham

very useful thank you

By Anne O Reilly

Good sturdy equipment - no problems

By S.B.Freeman From Swanwick, Derbyshire

Great pack and definitely helps to shield from the fumes, Although I ended up removing the goggles and mask on my second coat of slab seal as I was too hot and they were slipping off so couldn't see properly. Gloves were a bit big for me, but did the job.

By Lucy From Sheffield
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Frequently Asked Questions


Safety Wear Pack including Protective Gloves and Vapour Mask

  • Vapour Mask provides respiratory protection against fine dust and oil or water based mist. It includes carbon for nuisance odours.
  • Space saving fold-flat design
  • Conforms to the following standards: FFP3: EN149:2001 + A1:2009 
  • Protective Goggles include an elasticated strap fitting to the back of the head to prevent slippage
  • Goggles conform to EN166:2001
  • PVC Safety Gloves for hand protection