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By Susan Meakin

Great product, we wanted to improve the look of a concrete base where our garage had been demolished, this paint certainly did the trick, very pleased with the result and would recommend 100%

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Concrete ColourSeal - MID GREY

(Sample, 5L & 25L) Colour, Seal and Protect Untreated Concrete. Hard-wearing product, suitable for Floors, Parking Areas, Bases and Paths. Ready to apply.

Visa Electron
Categories: Concrete Sealer
Product Description

Smartseal Concrete ColourSeal mid-grey is a formulated blend of highly concentrated pigments and hard-wearing acrylic resins, that will transform and protect external concrete surfaces. Superior to a concrete paint in mid-grey it provides lasting protection to driveways and patios.

Concrete ColourSeal mid-grey is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of concrete bays, paths, bases and parking areas (not to be used on imprinted concrete or previously sealed or painted concrete).

Suitable for Power floated and Screeded concrete surfaces.

Application is simple and easy by roller or brush, with two coats recommended for long term protection. 

Concrete ColourSeal's unique formula is UV light and stain resistant. The sealer will soak deep into the porous voids of the concrete, acting as a highly effective dust proofer and concrete hardener. It can be applied on smooth or textured surfaces (coverage rates may be reduced on tamped or rough concrete). Can be used as a more durable alternative to a concrete driveway paint or a grey concrete patio paint.

  • Transforms Plain Concrete

  • Suitable for Concrete Bays, Paths, Bases and Parking Areas

  • Recolours and Protects

  • UV Stable

  • Colour Fast

  • Stain Resistant

  • Average Coverage: 4 - 5mē/litre first coat & 6 - 8mē/litre second coat

  • Ready to apply straight from the tin

  • NOT for use on imprinted concrete or previously painted/sealed concrete

Product FAQs

Q: Is it advisable to paint in driveway area where weeds are growing frequently!


A: Weeds will grow in even the most tiny flaws/ damaged pointed areas. So it makes sense to keep the pointing in the best condition possible.

Response from Nigel

Q: I have taken away an old garage. And I want to use the old concrete painted floor as a patio area. It will be in use so I want something a bit hard wearing and to cover with one colour.. Would I be best with concrete paint? Garage floor paint? It will be exposed to rain and sun.


A: As the area is now exposed to the elements a coloured concrete sealer rather than a paint would be recommended

Response from Alex

Q: Hi I have a printed drive way and it has some cracks. Would this cover the cracks? Mainly hairline cracks. Thanks


A: No, the coloured concrete sealer is not for this purpose. Please see the imprinted concrete category on our website, or send us some pictures for advice. Hope that helps.

Response from Rick
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