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Residue Remover for Natural Stone- ONLY FOR Use prior to Sealing, after a "sweep-in" pointing compound. NOT FOR REMOVAL OF VISIBLE FILM / STAIN left by the compound

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Customer Reviews

The Residue Remover worked a treat and the sealant colour enhancer looked great after easy app;ication. Definitely a 5 Star product. Neighbours are most impressed with the final outcome.

By Quincey De Souza From Blackburn

I've given it 5 stars as I've just applied the colour enhancer sealer and it went on easily and looks great. It's said that it removes any residue left over from the brush-in resin pointing but as this is transparent I can only assume that it did the job well as the sealer went on easily and looks great.

By Tony Moss From Salisbury

Brush in grout left a kindof oily residue which was evident when sandstone got wet. This seems to have removed that prior to sealing.

By Andrew Chambers

I used this product after the customer had walked mud into the resin shortly after I had used the sweep in grout. Two treatments and a bit of scrubbing did the trick. great product, good service would recommend

By Daniel De Gale

Purchased a sample bottle to remove invisible resin that was left on the paving from the sweep in jointing compound and guess what it worked Its amazing stuff ?

By Deborah Kavanagh From Sheffield

Did not remove marks on our granite patio which has just been laid

By Jan Byfield

didn't work for what I needed it for.

By Tim Martin From Surrey

As stated in the product details, NOT FOR REMOVAL OF VISIBLE STAINS / VISUAL RESIN MARKS . brought this based on other reviews thinking that it would remove the resin stains left by the brush in motar that I used. It didn't. It may have removed the non visible resin residue but since it is no visible who knows!


This did exactly what it was supposed to and has taken away the residue left by the sweep in resin used in the joints of my new sandstone patio - it's made such a difference!

By Sarah Cullen

Great product for removing excess sealant which has been over applied

By Lorraine Thompson

I used a brush-in pointing compound to repoint my refurbished patio prior to sealing it and as advised I used the residue remover first, it seemed to work very well and I had no issues using the sealer.

By Margaret Bulman

Indian sand stone covered in residue after using sweep in product & smartseal residue remover got rid of it no problem would recommend this product

By Gareth Allerton

Cleaner did a great job . I would recommend

By Suzanne Diamond

This product did the trick. It managed to remove the excess resin left on my paving which we couldn�t remove by other means. Highly recommend this product.

By Kim Halliday

This stuff is fantastic! I had a load of resin residue on my new patio slabs and had tried various options to get it off over a period of 12 months with no luck whatsoever. I was on the brink of getting a sandblaster in then thought I'd have one last stab at it with this product and bingo! Easy to apply and handle and, with the assistance of a decent jet washer ( I've got the Karcher K7) it stripped off the residue easily and the patio looks like new. Brilliant!

By Dean Dennis From London

Product worked well in removing residue, but needed two attempts to clear all residue. Would definitely use again if required.

By Kevin Sainsbury From Southampton

top quality product and service

By Patricia rawlings From steven

Works very well as per product details

By Peter Johnson

Did nothing

By Stephen Wilson

Easy to use and it removed all the residue and the stones finish was not impaired.

By Christoher Plenty

Used this to remove easy joint (sweep in patio grout) left of the surface of a sandstone patio at 5-1 left for 20 mins then agitated then rinsed off with garden hose, worked really well.

By Jim dutson From Green Surface Clean

By Anthony Baxter
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Frequently Asked Questions


Residue Remover is a powerful ecological cleaner that unlike other acid/alkaline cleaners, does not require any neutralisation process before application.

It is specially formulated to remove surface residue and contamination from natural stone paving and other surfaces where "sweep-in" compounds may have been used.

** Disclaimer- product is designed to remove the invisible resin film left by a sweep-in jointing compound prior to sealing - NOT VISIBLE STAINS left between the joints.



  • Use neat or diluted to a 1:5 ratio depending on amount of residue present
  • Apply with either a brush or garden sprayer
  • Leave the product to penetrate and break down the surface residue (5 - 60 minutes)
  • Agitate with a stiff brush and wash off with a pressure washer
  • Re-apply if surface residue remains after first application
  • Average coverage 6 - 8 m² per litre

Physical Properties:

  • Safer to use
  • Phosphate free
  • Biodegradable
  • Multi-use
  • No VOC
  • Low odour
  • PH 13 - Alkaline
  • Low fuming

Health & Safety:

Non-flammable. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep container tightly closed and in a well-ventilated place. Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.