Tarmac Sealer

Tarmac Sealer

Tarmaseal™ is an advanced restoration product for most tarmac surfaces. Tarmaseal™ is supplied in 20 litre or 5 litre tubs and is now widely used by many contractors throughout the UK to give a hard wearing protective coating to tarmac and asphalt surfaces. Tarmaseal is suitable for both domestic driveways and commercial tarmac surfaces such as car parks and tennis courts.

Tarmac will inevitably lose some of its original colour over time due to exposure to UV rays from sunshine. Although Tarmaseal has texture of paint it does so much more - it puts back any resins that have been lost over the years, restoring durability and flexibility to the tarmac or asphalt.

It is important to ensure the tarmac is clean and dry prior to application. Any repairs to cracks or broken parts of tarmac should be undertaken before you apply the tarmac restorer by brush, roller or airless sprayer.

Tarmaseal™ tarmac restorer is supplied in 3 colours - Black, Red or Green.