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Versatile Sprayer for Weed Killers, Herbicides, Insecticides as well as Sanitizing & applying harsh chemicals

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Categories: Sprayers
Product Description

This premium, commercial-grade sprayer is suitable for applying a wide range of chemicals, fertilisers and cleaning disinfectants. The handheld design and 21-inch poly wand enable the user to effortlessly treat and maintain green spaces such as lawns, gardens and golf courses, as well as quickly sanitise common touch points in offices, public washrooms, building entrances, etc to prevent the spread of infection.

Available with a 2 or 3 gallon capacity HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) tank, an adjustable shoulder strap is also supplied to assist further with comfort and manoeuvrability. The translucent body allows for easy stock control, enabling the user to see the contents in the unit, while the conical shape creates a sturdy base that will refrain from tipping over easily.

Requiring 25% fewer pumps per gallon than competitor products, it is both economic and easy to use - simply pump the handle to build pressure and hold the trigger to spray. The lock-on feature enables continuous use without having to constantly hold onto the trigger.


  • Versatile 7.6L sprayer designed for heavy duty commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and applying harsh chemicals.

  • Premium, commercial grade non-corrosive shut-off with comfortable grip, lock-on feature, and easy-to-clean in-line filter.

  • 21" poly wand and 50" Hose allows for precise material placement and material control.

  • Viton® seals throughout pump and shut-off for long-term resistance to chemicals. 

  • Integrated stability base keeps the sprayer upright also providing convenient wand storage that protects the nozzle.

  • Convenient pressure release valve helps prevent chemicals from getting on you before opening the tank.

  • Includes 64" carry strap and 7 nozzles for ultimate versatility: brass adjustable, jet stream, foaming, high volume wide fan, low volume wide fan, low volume narrow fan and poly adjustable

The sprayer uses high-quality Viton seals and gaskets (easy to change without any tools) which offer excellent chemical resistance. It is fitted with a pressure relief valve which helps prevent chemicals from getting on you before opening the tank.

Multiple nozzles are included for ultimate versatility. The adjustable poly and brass nozzles can be easily modified from a fine mist to direct stream with a solid reach. Two flat fans are also included with high and low volume for broader or more precise coverage, along with a high performance foaming nozzle.

Please Note: This product is recommended for lower viscosity products. It is NOT compatible with oil, solvents or acids.


BRAND:  Smith
TANK CAPACITY: 7.6L (2 Gallon)
HOSE LENGTH:  9/16" x 50" Reinforced
WAND MATERIAL:  21" Polypropylene
NOZZLES:  Poly Adjustable, Brass Adjustable, 2 Flat Fans, High Performance Foaming
WARRANTY:  1 Year Limited*

*Warranty is valid subject to correct use during application and cleaning of the sprayer after use. It does not cover damage caused by lack of care.

Prior to performing any maintenance or repairs, empty the contents in the sprayer tank. Pump any remaining fluid out of the pump. Lock trigger and spray all fluid out of shut-off until all fluid and air pressure has been expelled.

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