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By Barrie Sharrock

This worked really well but I needed a lock nut on the clamp as it kept loosening. Always useable, just needed occasional tightening.

By Jane Lea

Really easy to use,cut the time of work by at least half.

By Dan Mansfield

I chose this over cheaper versions elsewhere because the graphic shows an aluminium pole/handle. The picture is misleading as the cheapest wooden pole was provided. That being said - the squeegee works although the pole isn't very long so I got a bad back after using it for 5 minutes.

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Squeegee 18 Inch (Long Handle Included)

Used to apply Solvent Free Block Paving Sealer (Eco Friendly)

£14.13(ex VAT)
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Product Description

18" Squeegee with 4' wooden handle

To ensure weed inhibitor/sand hardener penetrates deep into kiln dried, sweep product lightly over surface of block or cobble pavers until totally absorbed into joints.

18" Zinc plated steel frame long handled squeegee constructed with dual foam rubber blades to provide maximum flexibility on uneven surfaces.



  • Zinc plated steel frame floor squeegee
  • 18" head 
  • Selected foam rubber to provide maximum flexibility on uneven surfaces.
  • Please note: Supplied with long wooden handle, not metal as pictured
  • Replacement squeegee's available
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