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By Simon Fry

Had some really heavy salting on the brickwork, and this product managed to remove probably 99% of it - just like everything else, Smartseal products just work. The remaining 1% or less I wire brushed off - the salting was so heavy, I'm amazed the product removed most of it. Definitely recommended, just follow the instructions and admire your new look bricks.

By Kevin Guyatt

i have found this efflorescenc remover does the job very pleased with how it has turned out as you put it on you can see it working very good

By Dean LarkFROM -

1st class company and products, will not hesitate to use smartseal again. Really happy with my drive, its totally transformed the appearance and also the texture of the block paving. We watched the informative videos and read the advice from the website to decide on which products to purchase. The finish is 100% quality, applied the products as instructed using a sprayer ,it was really easy to carry out the job. Lots of passing people just stop and stare at my driveway, it's a beast, cannot fault it. Use smartseal you wont be disappointed, I guarantee, look at my driveway transformation.

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Remove Efflorescence from Block Paving, Walls and Brickwork - 5 & 25 Litre

(Available in 5 & 25 litre) Removes salts and mineral whiteness from block paving, brickwork & patio slabs

Visa Electron
Categories: Patio Cleaner
Product Description

Efflorescence Remover for block paving and brickwork. 

  • Quickly remove efflorescence whiteness caused by excess salt deposits.  
  • Apply direct without diluting from watering can or sprayer to affected areas, leave for 10 minutes and rinse away.
  • Will remove un-wanted surface whiteness from block paving and brickwork. In severe cases process can be repeated, as required.
  • If efflorescence remover is applied in preparation of block paving sealer or brick sealer being applied, leave for approx two weeks to ensure efflorescence does not re-appear
  • Please note this product is not suitable for natural stone

Average coverage ratio: 4mē per litre, therefore 25 litres will cover 100mē

Sealing: leave for 3 weeks after applying this product to ensure it doesn't reappear.

Please note this product is not suitable for natural stone.

Product FAQs

Q: I used a sealer on concrete flags last year. Cleaning them with my power washer they have turned white. How do I remove the sealer?


A: Please send some pictures, contact number and details of the make of sealer you purchased to We can then try to help.

Response from Alex

Q: After spraying the Efflorescence Remover onto block paving, do you have to brush it into the block, or simply wait ten minutes? thank you

Alan Tarr

A: No, you don't need to brush off the Efflorescence Remover. You will need to just follow the below instructions: Apply direct without diluting from watering can or sprayer to affected areas, leave for 10 minutes and rinse away..

Response from Jake

Q: Can this product be used to remove salt from my sandstone patio?


A: We do not recommend the use of acid-based products on natural stone. The issue should resolve on its own, so allowing the salts/minerals to clear gradually over time is your best option. You may find attempting to clear this with an acid-based cleaner could cause more problems.

Response from Alex
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