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The anti slip works very well. The drive is better than when it was originally done. Although I was told anti slip was added to sealer originally the drive was very slippery when wet..(I am doubtful it was added). Since resealing and adding this anti slip additive not at all slippery. Very pleased.

By Thomas Waugh

Perfect solution for the new layer of sealant I put down

By Geoffrey Butt

Sealed my imprinted drive last year with the Smartseal silk sealer product and it was a little slippy . Still had some sealant left over so decided to try the anti slip mixed into it this year and it has been very effective, giving it one more top coat, feels as described now with sandpaper feel. Very impressed with the service and products from Smartseal.

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Anti-Slip Additive - Mix 1 x 500g to 25L of Sealer (keep stirring regularly)

Use with Solvent Based Sealers (keep stirring reguarly with broom during application). Add to sealer to increase the slip resistance of imprinted concrete surfaces

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Product Description

Anti-Slip Additive for Imprinted Concrete Sealer to make imprinted concrete surfaces less slippery.

Anti-slip additive is added to imprinted concrete sealer to increase the slip resistance of pattern imprinted concrete drives and patios.

Apply direct to sealer drum at a ratio of 1 tub to every 25litre drum, agitate with broom during application. Use of this additive will leave surface of concrete with texture of fine sandpaper, but once dry, the anti-slip additive is invisible to the naked eye.

Use of this product is always strongly recommended to reduce the slippery nature of imprinted concrete driveways and patios. 

Only use on final coat of sealer, can be used in greater quantities for extra slippery areas. For further information or application advice please call 01268 722500

Product FAQs

Q: Hi, I need 15 litres of sealer for my driveway, my question is can I add extra anti slip to this to make it even more effective or will it ruin the sealer. I know to only use 300g for this amount but I'm going to have 200g left over that's all. I need the drive to be as safe as possible for my Mum in the wet weather as she's getting old. Thanks in advance, Neil.

Neil Graham

A: Hi Neil, If using a solvent sealer, the anti-slip will work fine. You should only use the anti-slip in the second coat of the sealer.

Response from Josh

Q: could you tell me how much anti-slip adative i would need to add to a 5L tin of sealer please

robert ross

A: One 500g container of anti slip additive is for 25L of sealer. On this basis 100g would be required. Hope that helps.

Response from Alex

Q: I have a small drive. Only big enough for 1 car. We have used before and I think we only used 1 x 5ltr can. I’m ordering 5ltr of Matt sealer. Does the Anti slip come in smaller size as this size is enough for 25ltrs ?


A: The anti slip additive only comes in the 500g size sorry. If you measured out and used 100g of the product, the remainder can be kept for future use.

Response from Nigel
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