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Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted Concrete

Smartseal imprinted concrete sealers are high quality solvent based acrylic sealers for use on all forms of imprinted concrete surfaces. Our imprinted concrete sealers are now used on a regular basis by over 250 professional surface restoration contractors across the UK and Ireland. They have been specially formulated to provide a highly durable seal on both residential and commercial patterned imprinted concrete surfaces.

Smartseal imprinted concrete sealants once applied will create a very hardwearing surface seal on imprinted concrete to protect against oil spills, moss, lichen and algae growth that is a common problem with external concrete surfaces.

To maintain the highest levels of product quality, all our patterned imprinted concrete sealers are manufactured to BS5750/ISO 9001 standards. This enables us to have complete confidence in the standard and consistency of the finished product.

When carrying out a sealing project for imprinted concrete our sealants are often used with other products such as sealer repair fluid, crack repair compound, anti-slip additive, sealing brooms and colour tints.